March 31, 2015

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Math,6th grade
Jane biked 34 mi in 2 h. At this rate, how far could she bike in 5 h?
March 21, 2013

Mr. Mole determined that 2/3 of the students in his math class had pased the final exam. If 16 students passed the test, how many students are in Mr. Moles class?
July 21, 2012

research tech
no one has answered any of my questions here if so where or how would i find it Thank you
July 2, 2012

research tech
which of the following is a primary source a. a newspaper article published in the 1980's that reports on an event in the 1880's c.a recently published history book that cites diaries and letters from the 1880's d.diaries and letters from the 1880's published ...
July 2, 2012

Info Literacy
which of the following would be the best way to get a list of encyclopedias that are available on the web? b.look at the library of congress web site c.search a periodical database d.visit the internet public library journals differ from magazines in that they're? a....
July 2, 2012

college physics
A current of 2.7 A flows in a straight wire segment of length (2.5 cm) ˆı + (2.5 cm) ˆ in a uniform magnetic field of strength (1.7 T) ˆı . Find the magnitude of the force on the wire.
June 21, 2010

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