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Social Studies
thanks I appreciate it.
October 16, 2007

simplify: square root of 5 + square root of 20 - square root of 27 + square root of 147. simplify: 6/4square root of 2 sqrt 5 + sqrt 20 - sqrt 27 + sqrt 147 = sqrt 5 + sqrt (4*5) - sqrt (3*9) + sqrt (49*3) = 3 sqrt 5 - 3 sqrt 3 + 7 sqrt 3 = 3 sqrt 5 + 4 sqrt 3 Your second ...
August 3, 2007

simplify (6x^3-16x^2+11x-5)/(3x-2) (3x-2)(2x-1)^2-3 my muliple choice is: a)6x^2-12x+3 -9 3x-2 b)2x^2-4x+1 -9 3x-2 c)2x^2-4x+1 -1 3x-2 d)x^2+8x-3 -9 3x-2 the 3x-2's are all under the last number. typo on b. the last number is 3 the signs are the same. im sorry for the ...
August 3, 2007

1)Simplify:(6x^3-16x^2+11x-5)/(3x-2) answer= 2x^2-4x+1-3over3x-2 2)Factor 27x^3-1 completley. answer= (3x-1)^3 if this isnt correct,im not sure how to solve it b/c this makes the most sense to me. 3)Simplify: x^2-3x-28 over x^2-9x+14,assume that the denominator is not equal to...
August 2, 2007

someone help
my post is still on this page as algebra, could someone elaborate on what bobpursley tried to help me with. See your original post. I am guessing you are referring to your question 5)Simplify:(5x-4)^2 and your answer= 25x^2 - 16 (5x-4)^2 =(5x-4)(5x-4) = 25x^2 - 20x - 20x + 16...
August 1, 2007

1)Simplify:(3x^0y^-4)(2x^2y)^3 answer=6x^6 over y 2)Simplify:2x^2y^5z^-4 over 8x^6yz^3 answer= y^4 over 4x^4z 3)Saturn is 1.4 x 10^9 kilometers away from the sun. If light travels 3.0 x 10^4 km per second,how long does it take light from the sun to reach saturn? Express the ...
August 1, 2007

previous post
has anyone read my 4 previous posts? I really need someone to check my answers. Please be patient, Erin. Our advanced math teachers are not online right now, it seems. =)
July 28, 2007

Algebra 2(check pt 4)
1)Cramer's Rule is used to solve the system of equations:3m-5n=12,4m+7n=-5 Which determinant represents the numerator for n? answer=[12 -5] [-5 7] 2)Cramer's Rule is used to solve the system of equations:3x-y+2z=17,4x+2y-3z=10,and 2x+5y-9z=-6 Which determinant ...
July 28, 2007

Algebra(check pt 3)
1)The dimensions of ST. S[7/12 -1/9] [-1/3 1/9] T[4 -5 2] [8 -1 3] answer=2x3 2)The pair of matrices that are inverses. P[3 1] Q[4 4] R[0 -1/4] [-4 0] [12 21] [1 3/4] S[7/12 -1/9] T[4 -5 2] U[-9 6 4] [-1/3 1/9] [8 -1 3] [-5 -2 3] V[3 1] [0 2] [-4 5] answer=S and R 3)Find the ...
July 28, 2007

Algebra(check pt 2)
1)The first row of -3T. T[4 -5 2] [8 -1 3] answer=[-12 15 -6] 2)The first row of 5P-Q. P[3 1] Q[4 4] [-4 0] [12 21] answer=[11 1] 3)The first row of TV. T[4 -5 2] V[3 1] [8 -1 3] [0 2] [-4 5] answer=not possible 4)The inverse of matrix R. R[0 -1/4] [1 3/4] answer=not possible
July 28, 2007

Algebra2(check part 1)
1)Solve the matrix:[2x] [14]for x [3y]=[12] answer=7 2)V[3 1] [0 2] [-4 5].The dimensions of matrix V. answer=3x2 3)The first row of T+U T[4 -5 2] U[-9 6 4] [8 -1 3] [-5 -2 3] answer=[-5 1 6] 4)The first row of V-T. V[3 1] T[4 -5 2] [0 2] [8 -1 3] [-4 5] answer=not possible 1...
July 28, 2007

1)Find the range of the relation [(-1,4)},(2,5),(3,5)}.Then determine whether the relation is a funtion. 4,5,5 is the range 4,5 is a function 2)Find f(-1),if f(x)= x^2-6x/x+2 (-1)^2-6(-1)/-1+2 1+6/-1+2 7/1 =7 3)Find f(a),if f(t)= 2t^2-t-2. 2(a)^2-a-2 2a^2-a-2 4)Which equation ...
July 26, 2007

algebra 2
This doesn't make ANY sense to me. The table shows the relationship between height and growing times for 8 plants of the same species. Use a scatter plot to determine which data point is an outlier. (15,6) (17,14) (20,18) (25,24) this is the table. Hours practiced:1,3,4,6,...
July 26, 2007

algebra 2
(a-y)+2y3,if a= 2 and y= -3 (2--3)2 + 2(-3)3 (5)2 + (-6)3 25 + -216 -191 either im wrong somewhere or my book doesnt have that answer my choices are -29,43,79,-53 I am assuming that by 2(-3)3 you mean 2(-3)3 you did not follow the order of operation which says exponents before...
July 25, 2007

algebra 2
evaluate:-[a-3b],if a= -2 and b= 6 -[-2-18] -[20] 20 correct? these are absolute bars by the way. No, not correct. |-20| is 20. Put a minus sign in front of it and you have -20. The error is made going from line 2 to line 3. but absolute is never negative There is a minus sign...
July 25, 2007

Algebra 2(check) cont..
1)solve the inequality -3(r-11)+15>_9 my answer = r<_13 2)solve the inequality -2<4z+10<_12 my answer = -3<z<_1/2 3)solve the inequality 2x-5<_10 or 33-4x<5 my answer is x<_15/2 or <7 4)solve the inequality 3(absolute bars m-4)>6 my answer is m...
July 21, 2007

Algebra 2 (check)
I have some problems that I've answered and I need someone to check to see if I'm right. Im just posting the questons and my answer,if its wrong I'll post my work,so here it is bear with me please and thank you. 1)name which sets of numbers to which -28 belongs. my...
July 21, 2007

algebra 2
solve the inequality: -3(r-11)+15> 9 _ this is as far as Ive gotten. -3r+33+15> 9 _ subtract 33, subtract 15 from each side. Now when you divide by -3, you have to reverse the inequality sign. Your answer will be r<something. r= <_ 13
July 16, 2007

Algebra 2
The formula A = 180(n-2)/n relates to the measure A of an interior angle of a regular polygon to the number of sides n. If an interior angle measures 120 degrees, find the number of sides A)5 B)6 C)8 D)10 I have NO clue on how to do this pls help. Make A equal 120 because A is...
July 15, 2007

does this sentence make sense? how can I make it better? A man determined to find love through the internet finds out that love is staring him in the face the whole time.Thanks How about this? Determined to find love through the Internet, a man finds that love is staring him ...
July 12, 2007

HHHHHEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find the y intercepts of these please: 1. The slope is: 6/2...3/1...3 2. The slope is: 10/2... 3. The slope is: 2/2...2 4. The slope is: 2/2...2 The formula for a slope intercept is: y = mx + b, where m is the ...
May 24, 2007

What type of coorelation does this haved) a middle school student's weight and height from birth to present--- NO COORELATION A correlation indicates the degree of linear relationship between two variables. A positive (+) correlation indicates that both variable increase (...
May 24, 2007

Has anyone ever done a project on Macroeconomics in the Middle Earth? (based on Lord of the Rings?) I need help NOW! What a wonderful idea!! I presume you have read LOTR. You could do the whole middle earth or just a just an area such as the Shire or Gondor. Topics to include ...
May 15, 2007

When you have 4xy^3 * 2x^2y * 5xy^2 Would you add the first number and then add the powers? 11x^4y^6 ??? Thank you multiply, multiply, multiply 4*2*5 * x1+2+1 y3+1+2 You got the powers right, but the coefficent is 40
May 13, 2007

How would you rewrite the equation y = 3x+1 as a function of x. Hmmm. It is written now as a function of x. Do you mean like this, where x is a function of y? x= 1/3 y -1 ? Could this be a trick question? I thought It was already a function of x? Thanks for your help!
May 6, 2007

Given f(x) = -5x-1, find f(a-1). Would this be -5a+5-1? Yes, you have it. What grade are you in?
May 6, 2007

Physics 12
What is the gtravitational potential energy of a 2.00e3 kg staellite that is in an orbit that has a radius of 9.90e6 m around the earth? Use gravitational potential energy=0 at r=‡ (answer=-2.01e11J) What is the work done against gravity on the satellite in the ...
April 16, 2007

March 30, 2007

Animal Art
1. Which of the following statements regarding the use of pastels with other mediums is true? A. Pastels should never be used for accents in a watercolor painting. B. An artist can effectively add charcoal over a pastel rendering. C. Pastel tends to deaden the appearance of ...
March 27, 2007

Social studies/ history
what is the importance of ancient empire
March 20, 2007

science - controlled experiment
read the whole thing jesus
December 13, 2006

First you solve for I (vant hoff factor) in the freezing point eqn. You are provided molality, delta fp and can get the kf from a textbook (hint since its aqueous, use value for h2o). Next, take this I value and plug it into the boiling point eqn with the given molality and ...
December 5, 2006

When all parts of a circuit are composed of conducting materials, the circuit is said to be? closed? Complete? Better than the alternative? when an electric current flows through along conductor, each free electron moves: when an electric current flows through along conductor...
December 3, 2006

How does osmosis explain the fact that a watery syrup forms when you put sugar on strawberries? The addition of sugar to the outside of the strawberry makes a solution that is more concentration outside the strawberry than inside the fruit. Water moves from inside to the ...
November 29, 2006

beverly, chris, pat, and sandy are andy's mother, father, sister, and brother. Sandy, who is the oldest, is not andy's father. beverly is older than pat and chris. pat is not andy's sister. what is each persons relation to andy? Why can nationalism be a unifying ...
November 28, 2006

How does photosynthesis work? wikipedia has stuff type photosynthesis in google! or type this in google "how stuff works photosynthesis" Well,basically just go to google and search it up!LOL! Go search it on Google!
November 5, 2006

suppose you want to take a karate class. the first class is january 16th. the class meets every week for 6 weekswhats the date of the last class? Start at 1/16 and add 7 days six times to get 1/23, 1/30, 2/6, 2/13, 2/20 Find the sum the each letter stands for in the problem ...
October 18, 2006

This might help: You already know how to find the equation for the normal line is y=-x+2. Plug this equation into the original equation of the curve in place of y: x^2+(2x)(-x+2)-(3)(-x+2)^2=0 x^2-2x^2+4x-3x^2+12x-12=0 -4x^2+16x-12=0 (-4)(x^2-4x+3)=0 x^2-4x+3=0 (x-1)(x-3)=0 ...
October 15, 2006

What are my transactions for Paid Freight on April 18 purchase $100?
October 13, 2006

Managerial Econ
given the demand function Q=9-.5P how can you figure out the optimal price if the objective of the firm is to mazimize revenues?? PLEASE HELP more a calclus question with an economics application. First, set the equation for total revenue TR. TR is simply price times quantity...
September 20, 2006

Parsing Nouns
Can anyone explain this in simple terms... ? See we are parsing nouns and we have sentences like this: Lindsay's guests from Barrie had arrived by train. For each noun we need to give the class, the gender, the person, the number, the case and its relationship. I'm ...
July 5, 2006

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