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38. Regarding Soviet foreign policy, President Harry Truman believed that the Soviet Union was a. an implacable foe that required direct opposition. b. a regional threat. c. not a threat to its neighbors, Europe, or the United States. d. likely to evolve into a true democracy ...

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28. One reason why the Soviet Union eventually collapsed was its a. heavy defense expenditures. b. isolation from western technology and markets. c. inefficient centralized command economy. d. perestroika initiative. e. All these answers are correct. I dont know what D is but ...

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I guess it will have to be NONE OF THESE ANSWERS now.

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My bad, my answer was C ! But then again I feel like USA still has not stop intervening so Isolationism will be wrong correct?

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22. The phrase that best describes the shift in America’s world position from the pre- to the post- World War II eras is a. internationalism to isolationism. b. isolationism to internationalism. c. containment to isolationism. d. interventionism to isolationism. e. None ...

19. Which of the following is true about the trade imbalance in the United States? a. The United States has not had a trade surplus since 1975. b. The United States has run deficits of more than $500 billion in recent years. c. The United States has the worst trade imbalance o...

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