July 28, 2014

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At the beginning of the year last year a math department budget was 15% of the total budget. This year it was 10% of the total budget. What percet did the math department budget decrease from last year?

in "The mark of the beast" how does the narrator feel about Eastern gods at the end of the story?

Spanish 6th grade
jamon is with a j sister

english (poetry)
try black and yellow

Grammar and Composition
ion! contrast plus ion regress plus ion interrupt plus ion :)

Grammar and Composition
Its all great except for Florida Keys!

Grammar and Composition
attornies-at-law :)


Sam and his father are talking: Son how many pages are there in that book you have to read for school? Less than 1000. Have you started reading it yet? Yes, on Sunday I already passed page 150. And how many pages did you read today? Very many! The sum of the page numbers of th...

im still struggling.I don`t know what to write is this ok? the points Christians make about miracles are that God helps them if they are ill.

i am really struggling with my re homework and i would really appreciate any help any one can give me. i have 5 questions i need to answer ive managed to answer 4 of them but iam struggling with this one:- What points do Christians make about miracles.? thankyou so much

write 3/8 as a percent 3/8 = 0.375 0.375 * 100 = 37.5% Change the fraction to its decimal equivalent by dividing 3 by 8. 3/8= 0.375 Multiply by 100 to change to percent. 0.375 x 100 = ?? percent.

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