July 1, 2016

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in- 0 1 2 3 4 X out- 1 4 10 0's output is 1 and 1's output is 4, then 3's output is 10....wat is the rule to this??? and wat are the outputs for 2, and 4?
October 6, 2007

X5 x X4
September 28, 2007

I need help with this question: replace the underlined nouns in this paragraph with personal pronouns.Write the pronouns on the lines below. The nouns have a number right next to them for you to read. Here is the paragraph: Squanto was a Pawtuxet Indian man who came to the aid...
September 28, 2007

The difference of two numbers is 9. The sum of 3 times the greater number and 4 more than the lesser number is 51. What are the two numbers? I do not get this question... I have tried many times, but can not get it.. please help! thank you.
September 20, 2007

7th grade--how do I determine the slope of a set of stairs? Thanks you find it by measuring thr rise over the run i.e. the vertical distance divided by the horizontal distance. thanks
May 7, 2007

How would you graph y= x^3 +1? I know the slope for the equation is y'= 3X^2. assign numbers to x and solve for y to get the poins. Then graph. Examples: x=1 then y=2 if x=0 then y=1 if x=2 then y=9
November 13, 2006

economic - emergency
Question concerning production function - Cobb douglas. Given is: y=(0,2K-1 + 0,8L-1)-1 If wk = wL =1, what will k and L be? Now suppose again: y=(0,2k-1 + 0,8L-1)-1 and z=K1/3*L2/3. Is product y or z always more demanding to capitals (in case of labour)? if not, find where % ...
September 27, 2006

ETH 125
OMG this is FREAKING hilarious!!!!!!! Ethics 125 here as well, looking for other ways to measure prejudice! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
July 20, 2006

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