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How many different four-digit numbers can you make using all the digits in each set only once? a. 1,2,3,4 b. 0,1,2,3 c. 0,0,1,2
September 17, 2007

Thank you, I'm going to practice and see how I do.
September 17, 2007

Metric System How do I know when to multiply and when to divide when converting to metric or from? Sample- 450km=______mi
September 17, 2007

Ethnics Culture Diversity
List two or three characteristics of Orientalism? How may Orientalism and prejudice contribute to hate crimes against these groups?
August 22, 2007

What is the case and syntax of trhe word feet in the sentence "The center of a tennis net is three feet long." In this sentence, "feet" is an adjective modifying the noun "long." feet is part of a dimensional adjective "three feet long"...
August 9, 2007

I need help with the following question: The law from the 1800s mandated that men could buy alcohol and cigarettes only from a state store. My question to this is back in the 1800's women were not allowed to by alcohol, so I don't think this is a biased statement, it ...
August 3, 2007

Please help... In a 200 m swimming race between 8 boys, the probability of Omar winning the race if he is in one of the two outside lanes is 1/4. If he is in any of the other lanes, the probability of Omar winning is 1/3. If the lanes are drawn at random, what is the overall ...
May 29, 2007

Knowing what you do about food chains and the flow of energy through an ecosystem,why are there less lions than gazelles on the African plains? Hmmm! This question asks YOU to synthesize what YOU've learned about food chains and then draw a conclusion. We'll be happy ...
May 14, 2007

How do you simplify -4x ---- x-x^2 thanks! Take an x out -4 --- 1-x it said the answer was -4 --- x-1
May 7, 2007

Please can someone help me? Thanks! Find the least common multiple of each pair of polynomials: 12x^2-6x-126 and 18x-63 Simplify each sum: 5y+2 2x-4 ---- + ----- xy^2 4xy
May 7, 2007

ap us gov and politics
the media and lack of communication
April 25, 2007

2+2= 4
March 31, 2007

When did people stop using parchment and start using paper? These sites will give you the history of paper: (Broken Link Removed) http://inventors.about.com/library/inventors/blpapermaking.htm I'm not really sure as to the answer. You see, I'm writing a story that ...
March 23, 2007

i need help finding the slope of the line that passes through each pair of poinst. 1. (1,-3),(4,3) 2.(5,0), (-2,1) Divide (y2 - y1) by (x2 - x1). For (1), this would be 6/3 = ? Thank you. The first one came out to 2. The second one is not working out. I got 4 1/2 and I know ...
March 1, 2007

-4 is less than 12+x (Idon'y know how to make the less than sign on the computer) I've subtracted 12 form each side and I get -8. What am I doing wrong? 2m-5=17 I added 5 to each side and get 22. Then divide by 2 get 11. Is that coeerct? -4 < 12 + x -16 < x You ...
February 27, 2007

I have to unscramble these letters to make words about electricity. I can't figure out these three. ISRESE LARLPLAE TKLATIWO series, parallel, kilowatt SERIES PARALLEL KILOWATT Thank You Thank You Thank you so much!
February 26, 2007

Can some kind soul please assist me with this question? :) Simplify the expression. Use only positive exponents: (4p^2q)(p^2q^3) Bless you! 4 p^4 q^4 Exponents add when multiplying Even when there's two sets of parenthesese?
February 24, 2007

can anyone tell me if tan-1x= 1 over tan x? No. They are different. tan^-1 (x) is a frequently used way of writing arctan x, which means the angle whose tangent is x. tan (tan^-1 x) = x
February 11, 2007

Social Studies
How has our goverment changed from what the framers of the Constitution intended? Explain by examining the implied/informal powers and expressed/formal powers of the 3 branches of goverment
December 13, 2006

Social Studies
how does the power of judicial review affect the seperation of power in the Federal Goverment? Judicial review is part of the system of checks and balances. If each branch of government was able to do what they wanted when they wanted, we would be in more of a mess as a ...
December 13, 2006

russian revolution
In 1923, who did Trotsky begin to oppose? What were some of the consequences? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leon_Trotsky
November 26, 2006

russian revolution
What qualities was Leon Trostky known for? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leon_Trotsky
November 26, 2006

to kill a mockingbird
how do the people of maycomb seal and oral contract? I belive they spit in thier palms and then "Shook on it" with a very enthusiastic clap as thier hands met, gripping tightly and shaking once. Please review the story to verivfy.
November 26, 2006

I read what it says on irony, but I still don't get it. Is "But in the days before we left, when there was so much confusion and mayhem, worse than a hog killing." irony? I don't see the irony in just that sentence -- just very descriptive comparison. Maybe, ...
November 24, 2006

What are the two South American countries with no known oil reserves? This site lists at least four South American countries with no known oil reserves. http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/international/reserves.html
November 16, 2006

What are two South American countries with no known oil reservers?
November 15, 2006

What country do the Galapogos islands belong to? This site has your answer. http://www.galapagos-islands.net/
November 15, 2006

world geography
Where are you from if you are a: a.carioca b.limeno c.porteno d.paceno d.paulistano All the "n's" have a tilda on them. Check out these sites. http://ipanema.com/rio/basics/e/people.htm (Broken Link Removed) (Broken Link Removed)
November 15, 2006

What is a topographic Map and what does it show you on it? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Topographic_maps
November 7, 2006

Interesting Geometry Probem
I am bulding a sculpture out of rock and need help figuring out how much rock to buy... Here are the figures... 1 ton of 1.5" rock covers 107 sq. ft. My sculpture will be comprised of 24 layers of rock 2" thick. Each layer will be aproximatly 3ft. by 3ft. How many ...
November 3, 2006

Land use: What type of farming is suited to poorer soil, a short growing season, hillyland, and nearness to markets? The nation's largest inland port, situated at the junction of three rivers? The area which together with the coastal waters off Cape Cod, accounts for a ...
October 24, 2006

I have to do a project and need info. about mean, median, mode, range, freqency tables line plots, and stem and leaf plots. I would like historical facts like how, who, where and why these methods came to be. I want to get a good grade so I am willing to do do extra research. ...
October 21, 2006

world geography
What is a global citizen? I have to write a report on this. It must have examples, compare and contrast etc. What is a global citizen? I remember a very early Sunday School lesson, where Jesus indicated to the disciples the TWO commandments in response to a question: The two ...
October 16, 2006

social studies
What is a first-hand or eyewitness account called? first-person account -- ??? primary source??
September 22, 2006

I don't understand ordering numbers in comparing,could you explain it to me. I'm not sure what your question is asking, can you give an example of the prolblem you're doing? Typically, we order numbers by arranging them from least to greatest or the other way. ...
September 19, 2006

math (mixed Review
i do not know how to do mixed practice
September 6, 2006

elementary brainteaser
My college teacher gave us a brainteaser for elementary kids and I can not figure it out! next letter: s,m,h,d,w,m,_? ok seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, ?? then what? next is years years? Ok, yes. Years is the next term in the sequence I gave, but the letter &...
August 27, 2006

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