January 25, 2015

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F=G((mM)/(d^2)), solve for d
September 19, 2009

Is .121221222122221... (the pattern in this number continues forever) a rational number or irrational number? Why? (my research is listed in a previous question post, but I'm stuck!!! Please help!) :-)
September 8, 2009

7th math
60% is the same as writing 60/100. If you reduce the fraction, 60/100, you first need to find a common factor. Start with the number 2. 2 goes into 60, 30 times. 2 goes into 100, 50 times. So now you have the fraction 30/50. Keep reducing with common factors until you reach ...
September 8, 2009

Math 111 (College Algebra)
Rational number or irrational? And why? I have been challenged in my college algebra class to determine whether or not .12122122212222122221222221... (continuing forever)is a rational number or not. I need to prove one way or the other. I am lost! :-( I know that rational ...
September 8, 2009

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