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A 120.0 g object is moved from a shelf 2.9 m high to one that is 5.4 m high. The change in potential energy for the object is

a boat leaves shore and travels 30km east and then 15km 50 degree South of east Find the resultant the boats resultant displacement?

IF 121ml of a 1.0 M glucose solution is diluted to 500.0 mL, what is the molarity of the diluted solution?

help college algebra
Finding the weight of a ball with a 3-inch radius

Franklin Roosevelt said that December 7, 1941, was "A date which will live in infamy."

What is the reciprocal of 3.75?

In 1973, Congress enacted the Endangered Species Act (ESA) to protect plants and animals from extinction. Many methods are used for protection. Residential or commercial development may be banned in an area that is set aside to protect animal or plant life. People may reintrod...

Where are a the nouns in this sentence? In 1999, I went to Disney World for vacation.

what is the probability of picking a yellow marble out of a jar of 27 marbles, if 20 of the 27 marbles are green?

Indicate which of the following quantum numbers are unacceptable: (a)(1,2,0,1/2) (b) (3,2,0,1/2) (c)(3,2,2,1) (d) (4,3,2,-1/2)

1. A group of 200 adults aged 21 to 50 were selected from those entering Fit Right Health stores in Washington State, and were randomly divided into two groups. One group was given an herb and the other a placebo. After 6 months, the number of respiratory tract infections in e...

A student scores 81 percent on a test, and was in the 77th percentile. Explain this two numbers.

social studies
explain how home,community,school all work together for children?

math 116
no i need a example to show how it works out and on for to post to see other students to solve.

math 116
After solving a system of linear equations, how can you check your answer to determine whether it is correct? Demonstrate the process of checking an answer with an example.

The water we drink today is the same water that the dinosaurs once drank. Please explain answer.

The table to enter the appropriate purpose audience tone and content for communicating the negative information in the scenario to your manager teammates ...

social studies
why was paine unwiling to be reconciled with britain

If a single taxpayer has regular income tax liability of $19,500 and AMTI of $130,000, calculate the AMT for 2008.

what is the perimeter of a circle

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