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an insurance company reported that 55% of all automobile damage claims were made by people under age 25. If six automobile damage claims were selected at random, determine the probility that exactly four of them were made by someone under ager 25.

Consider the following hypothetical nuclear breakdown: Fermium-258 (Fm-258) loses three alpha particles and two neutrons. What is the new element that is formed (in terms of chemical symbol, atomic number and atomic mass)? I'm not sure how to express this in equation form....

Which of the isotopes of hydrogen is radioactive

a yardstick, held vertically on a level surface, cast a shadow 1 foot 8 inch long. Find the tangent of the angles that the rays of the sun make with the horizontal.

a right triangle is formed in the first quadrant by the x- and y- axes and a line through the point (1,2). write the length of the hypotenuse as a function of x. find the vertices of the triangle such that its area is a minimum.

How much interest would a person have to pay on a $3250 loan at 5% for three years??

a sprinter accelerates from rest to 10 m/s in 1.3s. What is her acceleration a) in m/s^2> b) km/n^2?

At highway speed, a particular car is capable of an acceleration of about 1.7m/s^2.At this rate how long does it take to accelerate from 90 km/h to 110 km/h? (in seconds)

A sports car accelerates from rest to 100 km/h in 6.25. What is the acceleration in m/s^2?

what is 9y to the 18 power divided by15y to the2 power

sue nees to find the length & width of a room. the room is 4 meters longer then it is wide. its perimeter is 24 meters. what is the width?

When the mover pushes the box, two equal forces result. Explain why the box moves even though the forces are equal and opposite

Two sides of an equilateral triangle are 3x +15 and x + 21. Which of the following could be the measure of the third side?


logic and design
You have been contracted by a local antique store to design an algorithm determining the total purchases and sales tax. According to the store owner, the user will need to see the subtotal, the sales tax amount, and the total purchase amount. A customer is purchasing four item...

If a pitcher threw a baseball straight up at 32 meters per second, what was the ball's velocity after 2.5 seconds?

If you used 0.155 mL of acetic anhydride, and 0.169 g of p-aminophenol what was the limiting reagent? Choice is either: 1. acetic anhydride or 2. p-aminophenol ________mol? How many moles of the non-limiting reageant remained after the reaction was complete?

If you used 0.155 mL of acetic anhydride, and 0.165 g of p-aminophenol what was your theoretical yield of acetaminophen? ___________g If you recovered 0.173 g of acetaminophen, what was your percent yield? ________%

csc^2x secx/sec^2x+csc^2x

The linear correlation coefficient, r, is a numerical measure of the strength of the relationship between two variables representing quantitative data.

Applied Physics
A car is traveling at 20 meters per second. The driver steps on the brake. The car is in equilibrium

Applied Physics
An object is dropped from a height of 49 meters. The object takes 3.2s to hit the ground. The final velocity of the object when it hits the ground is -31 m/s

Applied Physics
The velocity of an object is +47 meters per second at 3.0 seconds and is +65 meters per second at 12.0 seconds. The average acceleration of the object is 2.0 m/s to the fourth power

Applied Physics
A 10 kilogram object subjected to a 20 Newton force moves across a horizontal frictionless surface in the direction of the force. Before the force was applied, the speed of the object was 2.0 meters/second. When the force is removed the object is traveling at 6.0 meters per se...

1. In this problem, we analyze the profit found for sales of decorative tiles. A demand equation (sometimes called a demand curve) shows how much money people would pay for a product depending on how much of that product is available on the open market. Often, the demand equat...

What is the perimeter of the isosceles triangle shown below? If necessary, round to the nearest hundredth.

In acidic solution MnO4- oxidizes H3AsO3, a weak acid, to H3AsO4, a weak acid, and is reduced to Mn2+. Write the balanced net ionic equation for this reaction. How many H+ are there in the balanced equation? Question 8 answers

find the differentiate y=cscx/ãx

chemistry prt 3
What is the net ionic equation of the reaction of MgSO4 with NaOH

chemistry prt 2
What is the net ionic equation of the reaction of MgCl2 with NaOH

iight thanx

Enter the net ionic equation for the reaction of aqueous sodium chloride with aqueous silver nitrate

in this sentence is on a verb (new sleds raced on the hill.)

You know just because someone asks someone else for help doesn't mean that they are wanting to do their homework for them. Why don't ya'll check yourselves and learn some damn manners and learn to help others

ratio in simplest form 400 centimeters to 1 meter 1 400:1 cm/m

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