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Here is another game we used to play as kids; call it City, Country (in German STADT, LAND) We mad several columns on a wide piece of paper. The headings were: city, country, mountain, bodies of water, books, composer, author, flower and name. (Of course, you could make up you...

A game I sometimes used to play with my mother went like this: we'd have a map of a country in front of us and one of us would pick the name of a city/village on that map; the other would have to find it. It's a good lesson in geography and maybe the child who finds th...

Merci beaucoup.

Merci beaucoup!

i need help on science
additional information: only P-waves can travel through gases and liquids. S-waves, for example, cannot travel through the liquid outer core.

i need help on science
the earthquake waves travel at different speeds through layers of different make-up (liquid, solid)

The intense heat from the inner core makes the material in the outer core and mantle move.

Like e.g.: She is driving all the way to the hills by herself. or She was driving all the way to the hills by herself. She had driven all the way to the hills by herself. She will be driving all the way to the hills by herself. Still, as drwls wrote; most likely the answer wou...

I suppose you are referring to Linnaean Taxonomy (binomial nomenclature)

wind erosion is due to sandblasting and deflation.

Didn't you mean multicellular and unicellular organisms? multicellular means "made up of more than one cell". All prokaryotes are unicellular (one- celled organism) Eukaryotes are multicellular (made up of more than one cell).

I think "population" would be a fair answer. Of course there could be others, such as: pollution, waste (garbage), crime, etc.

Jessica - I think you meant to say "me and her went to the store together" is INCORRECT. As SraJMcGin explained so well (and I tried to explain in my simple way)it would be incorrect to say "me and her went to the store together"; it has to be: "she an...

"She and I went to the movies" if in doubt I say the sentence using only the first person singular: "I went to the movies" - there is no way I could say: "Me went to the movies". Thus if it is "I", then it also has to be "she" ...

If it were a good conductor of heat, then the glass rod would heat up all the way to the top and you might not be able to hold it.


6th grade
classification is a scientific process -not a random one.

Look up "hydrostatic principle" for details.

It had to do with the specific weight of gold and the silver that was used as a substitute for some of the gold. Legend has it, that it actually was a wreath and not a crown.

The head is hydrophilic (attracted to water) and the nonpolar tail is hydrophobic (not attracted to water.)

"avoir" and "être" are auxilliary verbs.

A full moon never rises at midnight; it rises at sunset.

The full moon rises at at sunset.

Because its dense clouds scatter about 80% of the light received..

well, one piece of evidence would be from seismology. It shows waves travelling through different matter (fluid, solid) at different rates.

you connect points of equal rainfall

I believe it's the chloroplasts.

I would say 18 laps; I believe that I mile is 1,760 yards ½ mile = 880 yards 880 divided by 50 - 17.6 Please check my math.

word problem
172 cheeseburgers 86 hamburgers I divided 258 by 3 that gives me 86 (1/3 of the total) and 172 (86x2) 1/3rd was hamburgers and 2/3rds cheeseburgers.

earth sceince
continental-continental plate convergence is respinsible for the creation of mountain ranges. NOTE: S-waves pass through solids but NOT liquids (P-waves do.) The Richter Scale has no upper limit. Oceanic crust is on average 7km thick

earth science
"rock salt" is the common name for the mineral halite.

famille is feminine - therefore it would have to be: Je suis allée à la reunion d'une famille.

I am not sure but shouldn't it be en vacances ?


ist es richtag?
Also: "ist es richtig" means "is it right" but if you want to say: "Is THIS right" then you would say: "ist DAS richtig".

ist es richtag?
Sarah, this is strange German! It should be: Ich habe DICH geliebt Ich habe DIR vertraut Aber du hast mein Herz entzwei gebrochen (or: Du hast mein Herz zerbrochen) Please remember: Du (du bist schön)you are beautiful Dir (ich gehe mit dir)I go with you Dich (ich sehe dic...

the answer is: coffin

the nose

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