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All of these are correct. Thank you

2nd Math
My daughter is learning about comparison problems. I would like to know how to write one and solve it.

A car is traveling due east at 25.0 m/s. If it accelerates at 0.750 m/s^2 due east find it's velocity after 8.50 s have elapsed.

A student reacts 0.1212 g of an Mg/NaCl mixture with hydrochloric acid. The volume of hydrogen saturated with water vapor collected at 20.0C was measured to be 42.7 ml. The column of water that remained in the buret was 10.3 cm high. If vapor pressure of water = 17.5 mmHg at t...

If 60 Cal. are added to 6 g. of iron at 20 degrees Celsius what is the final temp.

Master Chief is trapped on an island with a Scorpion Tank as his only means of defense. An enemy Covenant jet fighter just landed on a smaller island across the water. Master Chief would like to fire a shell across the water directly at the jet. However, as the Scorpion Tank c...

How do I figar out the third of a amount of money

If a cube of Jello is cut into two pieces, what property of the pieces did not change?

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