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Calculate the mass of PbCl2 formed when an excess of 0.100 M solution of NaCl is added to 0.4L of 0.7 M Pb(NO3)2. Pb(NO3)2 + 2 NaCl --> PbCl2 + 2 NaNO3

A 0.60 kg ladle sliding on a horizontal frictionless surface is attached to one end of a horizontal springPhy(k = 430 N/m) whose other end is fixed. The ladle has a kinetic energy of 8.6 J as it passes through its equilibrium position (the point at which the spring force is ze...

(a) At a certain instant, a particle-like object is acted on by a force F=(2.9N)i-(1.7N)j+(5.7N)k while the object's velocity is v= -(3.2m/s)i+(4.5m/s)k. What is the instantaneous rate at which the force does work on the object? (b) At some other time, the velocity consist...

what is the variance of 18, 16, 12, 2, 11

u r right it's compound interest, not simple.

Hi Jacque, You are looking for the present value of this investment, so... Interest = principal x rate x time I = 120,000 x .02 x 1 [which is what it's worth at year 1] i= $24,000 Good luck, Donnie

7th grade social studies
Thank you, Ms. Sue! Donnie

7th grade social studies
What are the pros and cons to democracy? Thank you.

Lyle started with $1214.29. What you have to do is work backwards from $85 dollars and add the amounts he spent to get $1214. good luck, Donnie

Chemistry lab
What mass of NaOH is required to prepare 500.0 mL of 0.1029 M stock solution?

A 0.2181 g sample of KHP required 17.29 mL of sodium hydroxide solution to reach the phenolphthalein end point. Calculate the molarity(M) of the NaOH solution.

1.889g thanks Dr. Bob :)

social problems
analyzing cultural traits and items. kinds of foods and eating patterns differ in other cultures. for ex. in many parts of the world people use only their right hand to eat. investigate an area of the world in which you are interested and compose a report on the foods eaten an...

When sodium forms an ion, will it form a cation or anion?

What is the frequency of a wave if the movement of the wave is one hundredth (1/00) of a second?

1. You are debating about whether to buy a new computer for $800.00 or a refurbished computer with the same equipment for $640.00. If a savings account earns 4.5% APR interest, how much do you really save with a refurbished computer if you put the difference into the savings a...

a person standing at the edge of a seaside cliff kicks a stone over the edge with a speed of 18 m/s. the cliff is 52 m above the waters surface. how long does it take for the stone to fall to the water? with what speed does it strike the water. vi= +18 m/s h= 52m * theres an a...

you are retarded of course it is a metaphor why would you even ask that

The land might be worth more than running the business.

(4.1 x 4,100 – 4 x 4,100) x $1=$410 unfavorable

153 miles highway and 294 miles city.

6th grade geometry
How much wire did Donnie use to complete his shop project?

8th grade math problem
x + y = 5 3x - y = 7

On October 15, 2001, a planet was discovered orbiting around the star x. Its orbital distance was measured to be 10.5 million kilometers from the center of the star, and its orbital period was estimated at 6.3 days. a. What is the mass of x? b. Express your answer in terms of ...

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