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Social Studies
passion to be a knight. Show a a kid trying to become a knight. Doing jousting or the archery

Algebra (repost)
Is that h divided by 4 greater than negative 7. h/4>-7 = h>-7*4 h>-28 don't need to change the inequality sign unless dividing or multiplying be a negative number

English-plese hepl
Looks like a run-on sentence. I am reliable dishwasher(,) seeking for a position of dishwasher(.) (W)here I can use my previous dishwashing experience for a leading restaurant. all () are corrections

just add them up.

you should have posted as a new question

first one no: when dividing by a negative you need to flip the inequality sign -5x > 0 = x < 0 x<0 doesn't equal x>0 the second x> 81/9 x> 9

Algebra 2.
(4 x+1)^2 (x^2+1) is the simplified version and x=-1/4 and x=+i and x=-i

Algebra 2.
That is the same thing. What are you trying to do? Simplify the equation.

Algebra 2.
is that all equal to zero. Like so, 16x^4+8x^3+17x^2+8x+1=0

you will need to use the quadratic equation google search if you don't know

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is an international organization that seeks to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and to inhibit its use for any military purpose, including nuclear weapons. copied from wiki 4. builds nuclear power stations. seems to be t...

ok, post as what type of math and post it as a new post or just reply back here with the question

What are the following areas?

calculus I
I used wolframalpha.c o m and plugged integrate √(cotx)/sinx dx And it seems to integrate sorry, don't know how to.

language arts
I think the name of the mall might have metro or nation and maybe atlanta. Hope that helps.

Your just going to have to memorize. Later, in life your going to have to do a lot of remembering. 12in. to 1 ft., 3ft to 1yd.

5 goes into 48 how many times? then keep going from there keep decimal above the decimal the same place

criminal justice
Which professionals?

x/80 = 25/100 x/80 = 90/100 set both equal to x to find percentage

u= cot du= -csc^2(x) = -1/sin^2(x) so, integral of -√(u)/u


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