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what does A los niños les gusta _____ con muchos colores mean?

how do I find the pH of a buffer solution given that 0.010M NH3 mixed with 0.0030M NH4Cl. Also... a 0.010M HF solution is mixed with 0.030M KF. FIND THE pH of this mixed solution.

1/x is less than or equal to 4/x^3

equation for circle
I got everything the same except the radius. How did you get 8?

equation for circle
find the equation of a circle. the endpoints of the diameter of a circle are (3,-2) and (7,-6).

Solve for the slope of the 9x-8y=3. You get y= 9/8x - 3/8. So your slope is 9/8. Because the line is parallel. You then use point slope formula to get equation of line in y=mx+b form.(slope form). So y-y1=m(x-x1) y-(-7)=9/8(x-6) y+7=9/8(x-6) So y=9/8x -55/4 I did the math in m...

find tangent line to the circle x^2 + y^2=100 at point (-6,8)


Chemistry(Please help, thank you)
I mean an error on the second reaction.

Chemistry(Please help, thank you)
You have an error on the product side of the third reaction. The reaction produces SnCl4. I was wondering what was wrong Haha. Anyway... Hess's Law...Oh Joy! If we look at the given reactions we see that we must flip three of the reactions to produce the overall reaction t...

A compound decomposed by first order rxn. The concentration of compound decreases from .1180 M to .0950 M in 5.2 min. What fraction of the compound remains after 6.7 minutes?I'm thinking I set up a proportion maybe. Any ideas how to tackle this problem?

x+2x=564 3x=564 x=188 376 and 188

fraction 10-1 math
3 red canoes 4 blue canoes 3/7

x= clownfish 3x=angelfish x+3x=48 4x=48 x=12 12 clowns....36 angels

(sec x - tanx)^2 = (1-sinx)/(1+sinx) use these substitutions sin²(x) + cos²(x) = 1 cos²(x) = 1 - sin²(x) (sec(x) - tan(x))² =(1/cos(x) - sin(x)/cos(x))² = (1-sin(x))² / cos²(x) = (1-sin(x))² / (1 - sin²(x)) = (1-sin(x))² /...

Let Mary=Y Peter=X Mary is 2/3 Peter's age therefore: Y =2/3X two years ago..mary was 1/2 peter's age in 5 years..we write the equation as: (Y) -2 = 1/2(x+5) substitute Y=2/3X 2/3X - 2 = 1/2x + 5/2 solve for X X=27.....therefore Y=18

lowest metallic Br P N Mg highest metallic K This is because as you move left to right on the periodic table, the metallic character of elements increases, and the metallic character decreases as you move down the periodic table.

Cell Wall does not belong Nucleus, Mitochondria, Vacuole,...ALL OF THESE ARE LOCATED inside the CELL

6th grade spelling
summary voluntary conclude allegiance zeros


14 +5x+2z+32+4z-2x= 3x+6z+46

With the forces in equilibrium if a stationary climber is using a rope which is 60 degrees to the vertical, the rock face is at 30 degrees to the vertical, and the weight of the climber in cluding equipment is 850N. What is the tension on the rope? What is the force exerted on...

Using trigonometry A patients leg is raised at an angle of 45 degrees and a traction force of 50N is applied in line with the leg; Find the vertical component of this force? Find the horizontal component of this force?

A patient of mass 75kg sits in a wheelchair of mass 30kg. What is the force needed to push both up a 30 degree slope? If the carer stops on the 30 degree slope and applies the brake, what is the magnitude and direction of the frictional force preventing the wheelchair from rol...

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