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Find the median of the following set of numbers. 45, 21, 55, 22, 65, 61
March 29, 2009

there are 4 cows and 8 ducks
March 16, 2009

PSY HELP!!! Please
Here are the statements OPPSS.... The healthy personality is found in balancing the social self with the individual self Popular theorists include Freud, Jung, and Erikson Consists of five major personality factors which are reasonably stable elements of personality. These ...
October 24, 2008

PSY HELP!!! Please
Match the psychological theories with the appropriate statement(s): Psychodynamic Theory Trait Theory Learning Theory Sociocultural Humanistic Theory Popular theorist Eysenck initiated the five-factor model. The healthy personality is found in balancing the social self with ...
October 24, 2008

Stress scenario 1: Every morning, as she prepares for her two-hour drive to work, Carole gets a headache. Carole is experiencing the frustrations of commuting. From the information provided, it does not appear that Carole is actively coping with her stress. Carole could choose...
October 8, 2008

How many grams of NaCl should be added to 250 grams of water to make a 0.40 m solution? I got 19 grams. this is how I got it. first I found the mass of water = 18g then I converted that to mols 18/250 = .0072. I subtracted 0.072 - 0.40 = 0.328 I found the mass of NaCl = 58 0....
March 24, 2007

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