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Calculus - Integrals
I have 3 questions, and I cannot find method that actually solves them. 1) Integral [(4s+4)/([s^2+1]*([S-1]^3))] 2) Integral [ 2*sqrt[(1+cosx)/2]] 3) Integral [ 20*(sec(x))^4 Thanks in advance.

critical thinking
premise--terrorists attacks of September 11, 2001, produced a response among American officialsm the media and public conclusion--matched only by the attack on Pearl Harbor

I think it's C. Am I right? When using APA, which of the following describes the method in which a work without page numbers should be presented in in-text citations? A. No mention of the page number is required in APA B. If no page number is present, it is not a credible ...

I think it's a, but document formatting messes me up a little :) Any help would be great, and much appericated When citing a source within the body of your essay, what must be included after the quotation marks at the end of the sentence (when the author’s name has ...

Geography AS level
why are waterfalls tempary features

What are the steps and timing of the whales, dolphins, porpoises evolution.

How did the extinction of the Mesozoic marine megafauna allow evolution of cetaceans?

Business Ethics
In the case study of Geletx, what should Jed do? Is this a violation of FAPA?

Social studies
all I need to know is is it hudusim or Buddism?

Social studies
of Hindusim and Buddhism which has a definite indentifiable start?

Social studies
What is the climatic issue that significantly influences the Indian subcontinent?

social studies
What architectural wonder was completed in 1648?

engineering physics 2
A 19 m long piece of wire of density 8.34 g/m3 has a diameter of 12.593 mm. The resistiv- ity of the wire is 1.7e-8(ohm)(m) at 20 degrees celsius. The temperature coefficient for the wire is 0.0038(degrees celsius)^-1. Calculate the resistance of the wire at 20degrees Celsius...

2Al+3Cl2=2AlCl3 calculate the amount(number) of excess reagen units remaining when 4.03x10^23 Al atoms and 6.42x10^23 Cl2 molecules react? please help!!!!! thanks

does any one know the french meaning of la nouvelle .

year 7 french
i need to translate countries written in french into english . does anyone know if there are any good sites that will help me. thanks

I tried to answer this but i don't know if i am even close. I included my work .Thanks. The island's travelling sales monkey is selling gold watches that washed up on the beach. The islanders use green stones, pink clamshells and ox horns for money.Sixty-two green ...

grade 7math
The island's travelling sales monkey is selling gold watches that washed up on the beach. The islanders use green stones, pink clamshells and ox horns for money.Sixty-two green stones have the same value as 17 ox horns and 258 pink clamshells have the same value as 89 ...

In running a regression model with three variables, two of the three come back as statistically significant at the 95% level of confidence. The one that doesn't is the intercept - so is my model still valid?

Thanks so much.I worked on this while i was waiting and ended up doing it backwards from you but got the same answer. 150+6=156 156/13=12 364+26=390 390/13=30 60+5=65 65/13=5 60 is the common multipler, so i got 60 days. Is this still right?

I really don't know where to start or what stratedgy to use.

Days on Planet Red are 13 hours long. The animals on Planet Red have regular eating and sleeping habits. The silver snake sleeps for 150 hours, eats for 6 hours, then goes back to sleep. The green walking fish sleeps for 364 hours, eats for 26 hours and then goes back to sleep...

Can I use P1/P2=(T1/T2)y/y-1 to find the temperature when we pressure liquid refrigerant, for example liquid propane?

Physics 11
The brakes on a car permit it to decelerate at the rate of -8.0m/s^2. How much distance is required to stop this car when it is travelling 60.0km/hr? The answer given is 173.6m I solved it this way 60km/h = 16.667m/s A=V/T 16.667m/s / -.80m/s^2 = 20.834 seconds D=RT 16.667m/s ...

Yea i thinks its D also... all the other answers are not as good, so im goin with that Palmer. Page 462 is what ive found Right under the purple section...

A 15.0g sample of liquid ethanol, C2H5OH, absorbs 5.13x10^3 J of heat at its normal boiling point, 78.0C. The molar enthalpy of vaporization of ethanol is 39.3kJ/mol. (a) What volume of ethanol vapor is produced? The voume is measured at 78.0C and 1.00atm pressure. (b) What ...

social health
I want a picture of social health

how does a magnet attract a paperclip ?

If I have 1.27 cm^3, how do I convert into picometers?

Metallic sodium adopts a body-centered cubic structure at 25 degrees C and 1 atm. The density of sodium under these conditions is 0.97 g/cm^3. What is the unit cell length?

haylee is geting a job for moing lanws her dad lowns her 190 dollars to by a lawn mower. when she startes she is in depth 190 dollars. in week two she is in depth 70 dollars. how did she get to be depth 70 dollars

Use the equation, PV = nRT n = 3mol T = 273K P = 101.325kPa = 1atm R = .08206L•atm/K•mol Solve for V

The question is, if f(x) is equal to the series from n to infinity of a sub n times (x-7)^n for all n, find a formula for a sub 10. (I apologize for typing it out in the way that I did, but it was the only way I could. I don't quite understand what is being asked here. I ...

math mesurment
how many grams in a pound

physical science
How much force is needed to accelerate a 50-kg rider and her 250-kg motorcycle at 5 m/s2?

pigskin geography
Are there more than 3 cities which will be visited by a team from a bordering state? Question 1 week 10 November 11, 2007

pigskin geography
Are there more than 3 cities which will be visited by a team from a bordering state? Question 1 week 10 November 11, 2007

homework ath physics
how to become en expert?

I have to show that for any (pi)A, Sin(A)squared + Cos(A)squared = 1. I don't really get the question... am I supposed to multiply A by pi? Even if that weren't the case, I still do not comprehend how the squared sine and cosine will cancel out... I'd really ...

3/7x+5=8. I tried to cross-mulitplied and I got 3x+35=8. I divided -27 by 3 and I got -9. Is this right?

A particle moves with constant speed of 3m/sec along path y=3x^2 What is the acceleration of the particle at x=1.5m? I know that Velocity is y'=6x Somebody please help!

A particle moves with constant speed of 3m/sec along path y=3x^2 What is the acceleration of the particle at x=1.5m?

i did GM5850/4.15E6^2= 5850*217183.3^2/ 4.15E6 my V was 217183.3 then when i solved for GM i got 1.9574E37 and pluged that into the weight equation and it was marked wrong. someone please help

Can anyone provide help with finding a site that shows how American pop culture has influenced art throughout the world?

The summ of two numbers is two. THe difference between eight and twice the smaller number is two less than four times the larger. Find the two munbers.

First, we must demand more of our leaders. If we do not get the result you want, change your leaders. Emphasize education. A good education is an important way to improve the odds for any children. The whole community needs to make education a top priority. The importance of ...

What are some solutions the the economic challenges of Aferican Americans?

Why are racial imbalances in our economy difficult to overcome?

Math/Metric system
I need to know how to make conversions and compare within the metric system of measurement. Such as 0.75L. is equal to how many mL. I have to do problems like that with length, weight, andvolumn.

Religious Eduction
Shahadah, Salah, Zakah, Sawm, and Hajj. en(dot)wikipedia(dot)org(forward slash)wiki(forward slash)Five_Pillars_of_Islam

searching for evidence in the novel Being There by Kosinski that the author dislikes humans and Americans

oh but yeah u first use the equation v=v(0)+at and then use y=v(0)t+1/2at^2. Set v(0) to zero each time and a to either -9.8 m/s if it is going upward or 9.8 m/s if it is going downward

I have homework in grammar and the title is Giving Instruction in Reponse to Expository Writing Prompts so I have choose an electroni apppliance with which I am familiar with and write directions for a friend that explain an important procedure in the use of the appliance and ...

algebra 3
how do i solve square root of 72x to the 3rd power?????

I need help with the following problem: Directions: Express each answer in simplest form in terms of the given variable. Problem: An angle has measure Xº. Find the average of the measures of a complement and a supplement of the angle.

where are most of australias cities located

Develop a set of pro forma financials (income statement and balance sheet only) for the next fiscal year-end using the percent-of-sales method. Assume that the company's sales have increased by 15%.for Exxon corp. balance sheet and income statement can be found on the web....

how can you simplify this?? log10(10^.5) log10 as in log base 10 By definition: Log_10[10^(x)] = x ok, but it is 10 to the 1/2 power, not x how would you simplify it then? That's then the special case of x = 1/2: If for all x: Log_10[10^x] = x, then for x = 1/2 this ...

eth 125
There are those who profess to be bible thumping right wing Christians who are the most intolerant and prejudicial people anywhere. usually, knowledge, education, and understanding can promote acceptance and tolerance. People need to develope a live and let live attitude. ...

What is an example of present value concept? If you win the lottery, and they tell you will get 20,000 a year for 30 years. What is that worth in present dollars? $36000.00

How do you arrive at the answer for: what is the value of t in the following problem? 9 = t + 7s subtract 7s from both sides.

How might borrowing $1 million long-term and investing the proceeds in inventory affect cash and net working capital? Borrowing $1 million and investing the proceeds will increase the cash and net working capital by $1 million less the interest charges.

How would paying out a $2 million cash dividend affect cash and net working capital? It seems to me that paying out a $2 million cash dividend will diminish the cash and net working capital by $2 million plus the costs of paying this dividend.

COM 125
can you please help me paraphrase this paragraph. The eradication of al-Qaeda is as much an intelligence and law enforcement challenge as it is a purely military campaign. While special operations, commando raids, and air strikes are important weapons against bin Laden's ...

To accept the old into the modern

The amount of money in an account with continuously compounded interest is given by the formula A=Pe^rt , where P is the principal, r is the annual interest rate, and t is the time in years. Calculate to the nearest hundredth of a year how long it takes for an amount of money ...

Put a pencil straight down into a glass of water. Notice whether the pencil looks bent. Now tilt the pencil and note how its apparent bending changes. How does this illustrate why light from objects near the horizon is refracted more strongly? Is the atmosphere thicker looking...

work force
a force of 10 pounds is required to stretch a spring of 4 inches beyond it's natural length. assuming hooke's law applies, how much work is done in stretching the spring from its natural length to 6 inches beyond its natural length. what i did so far: F(x)=kx 10=k4 k=5...

how do you calculate the instantaneous rate of change. is that the derivative. also: if f is the antiderivate of (x^2)/(1+x^5 such that f(1)=o then f(4)=? How would i find the integral of that? i don't even know what the first step is to get the answer. also, on this ...

is average rate of change and average value the same or will you get a different answer for each this is calculus so it's the mean average. it's using the formula and integrating. I don't understand your question, but I can assure you that average rate of change ...

sum geometric series
what is the sum of geometric infinite series 3/2+ 9/16+ 27/128+ 81/1024=.... i know the formula is S=a/(1-r) my teacher, he usually transforms into a formula of the sum series and finds out a and r.but i don't how to do that. the pattern i saw is 3/2 + 3^2/2^4 + 3^3/2^7+ 3...

calculus pleas pleas help, derivates
what is the derivative of x/tan(x) and find f'(pi/4) f'(x)=(tanx-x*sec(x)^2)/(tanx)^2 That's the quotient rule for derivatives or as my teacher says: Low,low, low D'High, minus High d'low all over low square that's the quotient rule. It's a song ...

calculus please help
what is the integral of x/(1+x^2)^2 dx This is a question of a past AP exam of calculus BC i know i have to use the substitution method where u=(1+x^2), du=2xdx. I have to find the integral but i'm just focused on the coefficient because i get a different answer for that ...

confused about this one. 2 samples of water of equal volume are put into dishes and kept at room temp for several days. the water in the first dish is completely vaporized after 2.8 days while the water in the second dish takes 8.3 days to completely evaporate. What can you ...

i have to get my cavity removed and i was wondering if you can tell what they do. Will the dentist give you me injection? Will it hurt? How long does it take? What do they do to fix the cavity. Also can you give me couple of websites where a practice exam will be provided for ...

chem help
a scuba diver breathing normal air descends 100m of depth, where the total pressure is 11 atm. What is the partial pressure of oxygen that the diver experiences at this depth? Can someone help out on this question? Make a ratio: 11atm/1atm= P/partial pressureO2 at surface ...

when a gas is collected over water, is the gas pure? No. It has water vapor in it.

calculus totally confused
find a first degree polynomial function p(1) whose value and slope agree with the value and slope of f at x=c. i think you use taylor series for this f(x)=4/sqrt(x), c=1 i'm totally confused on how to do it. i know you find the derivative but how do i get the function. ...

Sodium cyanide, empirical formula NaCN, is a solid which melts at 564 degrees C to give a liquid that conducts electricity. it also dissolves in water to give a conducting solution. Use these properties to deduce the type of bonding that holds this compound together. It must ...

music search help!
I was wondering if someone could help me find who were the popular women singers in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. You know the style of music that was playing in the movie Saving private ryan when the soldiers were waiting for the germans to come. You know that scene? ...

how do you check an answer if 4(j-7)=12 4j-28=12 -16=4j j=4 is this rite?how do you check if rite? It is wrong. When you add 28 to both sides, one gets 4j= 40 j= 10 in baseball, the pither's mound is 6 in. more than 20 yd from home plate . how many feet is this

Consider the following reaction: 2 CH3OH + 3O2 to form 2 CO2 + 4 H20 Each of the following molecular diagrams represents an initial mixture of the reactants. How many CO2 molecules would be formed by complete reaction in each case? How do I use the molecular diagrams to help ...

what is socratic method? i heared a lot of different stuff!! IDEAS PLZ Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. This is "thinking critically" and that can be done by using guided questions. Here is a good definition:

math--pre alg
not sure i did right 3(f+2)+9=13+5f 3f+6+9 = 13+5f +9 3F+15 = 12+5F GOT MIXED UP SOMWERE HELP 3f +6 +9 = 13 + 5f 3f + 15 = 13 + 5f 2f = 2 f = 1 drwls is correct You are doing OK up to this point: 3f + 6 + 9 = 13 + 5f Now combine any like terms. (We can combine 6 + 9 to equal ...

computer help commands
i'm in intro to technology class and i have to find the definition of the command "hostname" you use on the computer and i already found it so no problem but i also have to find examples and i looked on the internet such sites as computerhope and others. but i ...

Physics HELP!!!!!!!!
With: 2mg=mv3^2/r-mv1^2/r V3 being the speed at the top and V1 being the speed given at the bottom You get: V3^2=2gr+V1^2 sqrt(2*9.8*3.1+16^2) sqrt(316.76)=17.8

Math HELP!!!
x2 + x + -3.75 = 0 Please... I'm horrible at algebra. x=7.5 and x=-8.5 THANK YOU SO MUCH

algebra 1 scale drawing
An engineer created a scale drawing of a footbridge. The height of the actual footbridge is 10 feet (ft), and the length is 44 feet. The footbridge in the scale drawing is inches (in.) in length. Find the scale the engineer uses for the scale drawing. Then determine the height...

In planning a new item, a manufactuer assumes that the number of items produced x and the cost of dollars C of producing these items are related by a linear equation, Projections are that 100 items will cost $22,000 to produce. Find the eqaution that relates C and x This is ...

Driving down a mounain Jim finds that he has descended 1800FT in elevation by the time he is 3.25 mi horizontally away from the top of the mountain find the slope of his decent to the nearest hundreth. I am sorry that you did not get a response to your post earlier. You need ...

What steps do you think can be taken to reduce the harmful effects of human activities on biogeochemical cycles? Which businesses would these changes impact the most? To assess the harmful effects of human activities, you first need to know about the biogeochemical cycles. ...

I submitted this question earlier... can anyone help me pls. This question is about the polymer made by polymerizing this compound: _ CH2=CH-CH-OH _ | _ CH3 Please identify the monomer unit - there should be 3... also, what type of polymerization is involved in forming this ...

This question is about the polymer made by polymerizing this compound: CH2=CH-CH-OH | CH Please identify the monomer unit - there should be 3... also, what type of polymerization is involved in forming this polymer? sorry - the compound is.... CH2=CH-CH-OH ________| _______CH3

help me improve my sentence
It is interesting to see how these three Internet sources all cover the same story, but with different methods and techniques to persuade the reader to believe the media’s perspective of things. how can i say this in a different way. It is interesting to see how each of ...

my second paragraph bias essay
this is my second paragraph essay for media bias essay M.S.N.B.C news articles are known for being conservative. Some of those who write for this TV station seem to have a conservative slant. For some events, they will only mention one side of the argument and slightly mention...

introduction to essay
This is my introduction for my media bias essay. The sources i used is from the internet of B.B.C, F.O.X, M.S.N.B.C news. Do i just refer them as "tv news articles" or "internet news" the reason i have dots in between is because the site says that i can'...

please read my introduction for media bias.
This is my introduction to my essay for media bias in television news. The primary source of political information in America is the media. [Media bias is a way to represent different people in a certain way based on their own views.] A certain degree of political bias exists ...

statistics definition
i have to find definitions and describe 208 words in my statistics class and for one of them it says: describe the deviation from a pattern of a graph. i don't actually get what it's asking me. i don't think it's pattern becuase i already have the definition ...

articles govenment
This is from CNN Bush did get support from some Republicans. "The president consulted with the best military minds ... and came up with a new strategy, and I think it deserves a chance," said Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas. "This is our last chance. The consequences ...

yes or no question
hi i have to do a project where i have to find media bias between two articles for government. and i was wondering if it is okay if i could just post little pieces of those two articles and ask for help. when i read the two articles, it doesn't seem like it's bias but ...

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