August 27, 2016

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politcs essay
i'm doing a project where i have pick three newsstations from the internet such as abc, nbc, cbs then i have to pick a story from the politics section and i picked an article on saddam hussein killing. after reading the similar stories on all three news stations, i have to...
January 20, 2007

British & American Government Question
In comparing the British and American systems of government,which statement is true: A. Britain's government was created by a single document that is very similar to the U.S. Constitution. B. The House of Lords is the most powerful branch of Britain's government. C. ...
January 18, 2007

interest groups again
what is a campaign contribution? why do interest groups choose this as a technique to their advantage. this is what i have: Campaign contributions is getting financial help from resources or buying support from candidates. getting support helps the groups to also get publicity...
January 15, 2007

interest groups
what is litigation? why do interest groups choose this as a technique to get what they want? Litigation is to take in issue to court for a trial. There are a couple of reasons for interests groups to do this. First they get a legal opinion on a particular topic, and second ...
January 15, 2007

mass and human body
By mass, most of human body is composed of what? nitrogen carbon water hydrogen I think the answer is water. Am I correct? so am I correct in saying that it is water? I don't need percentages. Well if it'...
January 14, 2007

gov't help please
why is getting access to a ballot an obstacle to cross for minority parties in order to win elections. i looked on the internet and read that they have to be nominated and stuff but how is it more harder for minority parties than it is on majority parties bases on ballot ...
January 9, 2007

us gov't politics
i'm doing a free response fro U.S government and politics and I am reading a graph where i have to describe a trend. one of the trend i noticed was that there was a decrease of ten percent of democrats in 1962-1964 of partisan identifications in US. I have to explain why ...
January 9, 2007

solving for x
y=e^x how do i solve for x. i use the LN process right. i forgot how to do that ln(e ^ x) = x Leo, you have merely stated an identity. David was solving y = e^x for x, which would be x = ln y Thanks reiny.
January 9, 2007

please help calculus
find the volume of the solid formed by revolving the region bounded by y=e^x, y=0, x=o and x=1 about the y axis by using the shell method, i got v=2*pi int(o to 1) (x)(e^x) dx and my teacher said the answer is e/2 but i keep getting a different answer Are you sure it is to be ...
January 9, 2007

calculus help plz
a force of 1250 pounds compresses a spring 5 inches from its natural length. find the work done in compressing the spring 8 additional inches. f=kd 1250=k5 k=250 then what do i do. the answer choices are: a.3250 b.21,125 c.18000 d.2000 e. none of these Work = (1/2)* F * ...
January 8, 2007

calculus help work
a force of 1250 pounds compresses a spring 5 inches from its natural length. find the work done in compressing the spring 8 additional inches. f=kd 1250=k5 k=250 then what do i do. i have to do this the calculus way, not the physics way. by using integrals the answer choices ...
January 8, 2007

calculus help lttle question
find the area of the regin bounded by the graphs of y=-x^2=2x=3 and y=3. i don't need help solving the problem and but i am a little confused. ok the graph is a parabola and i drew a parobla with y= 3. now when find the area, am I finding the area on the top, above y=3 or ...
January 8, 2007

calculus showed work
find the area of the rgion bounded by the graphs of y=x^3-2x and g(x)=-x i drew the graph and half of the graph is above the xaxis and the other half is below the axis. so the integrals i came up with are two because i broke them up and i combined the answers at the end: ...
January 6, 2007

human physiology help please
hi human physiology: what is a cerebral lobe not visible in an ordinary external inspection what is a vein in the dura mater roughly parallel to the longitudinal fissure what is the portion of the thalamus that passes through the third ventricle. I think is is the hypothalamus...
January 6, 2007

(a) 24.02 g C ---------------------- = .20881 x 100%= 115.0322 g BeC2O4-3H2O Ans: 20.881% (b) (i) (ii) PV=nRt -> V=nRT --- P
January 4, 2007

does anyone know any good french translating sites where i can tarnslate long sentences with out getting giberish?i lost my dictionary:(so i need to translate liek a page for tommorow
December 19, 2006

please help me calc. have test tom
d/dx integral from o to x of function cos(2*pi*x) du is first i do the integral and i find the derivative right. by the fundamental theorem of calculus, if there is an integral from o to x, don't i just plug the x in the function. the integral of the problem is cos*2*pi*) ...
December 13, 2006

confused calc
dy/dx=2y^2 and if y=-1 when x=1, then when x=2, y=? (you already posted this, but i still don't get it) dy/dx = 2y^2 Integrating...y=2/3 y^3 + C put 1,-1 into the equation, and solve for C c=-1/3 so the equation is y=(2y^3)/3-1/3 then i have to find what y equals when x=2...
December 12, 2006

d/dx integral from o to x of function cos(2*pi*x) du is first i do the integral and i find the derivative right. by the fundamental theorem of calculus, if there is an integral from o to x, don't i just plug the x in the function. the integral of the problem is cos*2*pi*) ...
December 12, 2006

what is the derivative of e^(3*ln(x^2)) i keep getting 6/x * e^(3*ln(x^2)) but that's not one of the multiple choice so am i doing something wront. also, what is the limit of (1-cosx)/(2*(sinx)^2) as x approaches zero. is the answer zero or nonexistent The derivative of e...
December 9, 2006

increasing decreasing calc
f(x)=x^3=12x-24 f'(x)=3x^2+12=0 3x^2=-12 x^2=-4 what is x. would it be x=-2 and 2 because i have to find the interval where the function is increasing or decreasing. i already know how to find the answer but i just got confused on finding the zeros first <<f(x)=x^3=...
December 9, 2006

derivative am i right or wrong
what is the antiderivative of 1/(x^2-2x+2)? does antiderivative mean find the derivative of the function or integrate it. is the answer ln(x^2-2x+2) or is-2(x^2-2x+2)^-2. These are part of the multiple choices. antiderivative is the integral. so would the answer be ln(x^2-2x+2...
December 9, 2006

the volume of a cylindrical tin can with a top and a bottom is to be 16*pi cubic inces. if a minimum amont of tin is to be used to construct the can, what must be the height, in inches, of the can? volume of cyliner is pi*r^2*h do i like take derivitive of something since it ...
December 8, 2006

calculus help again
if f'(x)=cos x and g'(x)=1 for all x, and if f(0)=g(0)=0, then the limit x--->0 fo function f(x)/g(x)= okay, so f(x)=sinx g(x)=x and the f(0)=g(0)=0 is also satisfied and equals o. so the limit x-->o of sinx/x= is the answer nonexistent according to the ...
December 7, 2006

calc help showed work
If the function f has a continuous derivative on [0,c], the the integral(o to c) of f'(x)dx= a)f(c)-f(0) b)absolute value (f(c)- f(0)) c) f(c) d)f'(x)=c e)f"(c)-f"(0) My work: so the the answer to the integral is f(x) and when find the answer from o t0 c, it ...
December 7, 2006

trustee government
hi where can i find more information about trustees that play a role in the congress. i already know the basic definition but i need to know what they do when it comes to the congress. do they hold property in the government or something Please post the basic definition that ...
December 6, 2006

Please help me figure them out. 1. In the 105th Congress, the Senate consist of 55 Republicans and 45 Democrats. If a committee is formed by randomly selecting four different senators, what is the probability that they're all Republicans? 2. It's common for public ...
December 5, 2006

finding c: calc
let f(x)=square root x. if the rate of change of at x=c is twice its rate of change at x=1, then c=? what???? i don't get get it. to begin with, i took the derivative if that helps which is 1/(2*sqrtx) . f'(x) = 1/(2*sqrtx) is correct f'(x=1) = 1/2 The problem is ...
December 5, 2006

calc volumes
the basse of a solid S is the region enclosed by the graph of y=square root (ln x), the line x=e, and the x-axis. if the cross sections of S perpendicular to the x-axis are squares, then the volume of S is. how do i find the side of the squares. because i got square root(lnx) ...
December 5, 2006

Find probability of getting outcome of heads and a five when a coin is tossed and a single die is rolled. = .50 for coin toss .17 for die Poll confidence level. Common for public opinion polls to have confidence level of 95%.If 5 different organizations conduct polls, what'...
December 5, 2006

solving for x math
2e^(4x^2)=3 how do i solve for x. do i use the ln methode because i don't know how to do that. by calculator, i got x=.168 but i don't know how to show my work. please help me solve for x. Take natural logs of both sides. ln 2 + 4 x^2 = ln 3 4 x^2 = ln (3/2) = 0.40547 ...
December 5, 2006

Business Cal.
Suppose the marginal revenue (in dollars) from the sale of x jet planes is R'(x)=2x(x^2+50)^2 A. Find the total revenue function if the revenue from 3 planes is $206,379. B. How many planes must be sold for revenue of at least $450,000?
December 4, 2006

If you pick a card at random from a well shuffled deck, what is the probability that you get a face card or a spade? a) 3/26 is that correct In one town, 336% of all voters are Democrats. If two voters are randomly selected for a survey find the probability that they are both ...
December 4, 2006

website help origin of congress
i need a website on the history and origin of congress and how it developed. i looked online, but i need help on finding a specific website on that. please can you help me. also do you know where i can find information of the political profile on the house and in the senate. ...
December 3, 2006

help riemann sums
the expression 1/50 (1/50 +2/50+ 3/50+ .....50/50)is a Reimann sum approximation for (everything in the parantheses is square root except the 1/50 outside the paratheses) the answer has to me the integral form so from looking at the formula in my book i got: 1/50 * integral(...
December 2, 2006

I have to write a detailed description of HARMONY,DISSONANCE + COUNTER MELODY. please help i don't know what to write Here are two dictionaries of musical terms:
November 29, 2006

I have to write a detailed description of HARMONY,DISSONANCE + COUNTER MELODY. please help i don't know what to write Try the following links:
November 29, 2006

how do i minimize this function. 21L + (2600/L) Set the derivative equal to zero and solve for L. 21 - 2600/L^2 = 0 2600 = 21 L^2 There will be positive and negative solutions for L. You can use the second derivative test or direct calculation to see which gives a minimum.
November 24, 2006

Why dogs are better than Cats!
Because dogs tilt there heads trying to understand what ur saying. But cats they just ignor u.
November 24, 2006

much ado bout nothing(de book) de question is why do brutus and cassius claim they have done ceaser a favour. i have ot rite a letter to brutus and cassius giving ur opinion on their claim i didnt excatly read de book so please help and explain=) Brutus and Cassius are ...
November 14, 2006

Chemistry, Please HELP!
What are the names of the seven isomers of C4H10O? A = t-butyl alcohol (2-methyl-2-propanol) B = sec-butyl alcohol (2-butanol) C = butyl alcohol (1-butanol) D = isobutyl alcohol (2-methyl-1-propanol) Other constitutional isomers are ethers: diethyl ether methyl propyl ether ...
November 7, 2006

ALGEBRA 1!!!(2)
November 6, 2006

Hi, I have a project which requires us to "contrast the key traditional roles played by drums in English and Nishnabe cultures. Why might they have developed so differently" and I can't find any info. on the net. Does anyone know where I could find some? I didn&#...
September 17, 2006

home work
Can anyone provide examples of when we would write to inform, request or persuade, or build goodwill in the business world? You write to "x" when you want to "x" someone. For example, you write to "persuade" when you want to "persuade" ...
September 2, 2006

Converting decimal(floating point) to octal/hex
Hi everybody, Can anybody show me how to convert 0.59375(decimal) to Octal and Hexadecimal? go to wikpediaa and look up Hexadecimal and Octal It will give you an idea Hi can anyone convert 5.4 * 10 ^-79 to IBM hex floating point format?? sir how to convert 16.625 single ...
August 10, 2006

Hi, I am asked to do this: 12. A buffer solution containing HBO32 –(aq) and BO33 –(aq) ions is used to standardize pH meters in the range pH > 7. Write net ionic equations for the reactions that occur in the buffer solution for the following conditions. a.
August 8, 2006

Chem+ASAP+2 fill in the blank questions+ASAP!!!
PLease check this. They are fill in the blank and I just need to know if they are right. Thanks! 9. Compared to a strong acid-strong base titration curve, a weak acid-strong base titration curve has a (higher, lower) __higher___ initial pH value. 10. Compared to a strong acid...
August 8, 2006

english really hard
Ondaatje’s work in “The English Patient is so beautiful and absolute that every sentence in his book has a sense of power in its meaning. His novel gives us mysterious and memorable tales of his characters’ lives. Instead of presenting the story in present tense...
August 7, 2006

A Farewell to Arms also contains many symbols, but most of them have to do with nature. The most important symbol in this novel is rain. Every time it rains outside, something bad happens. It is raining when Henry and Catherine get together, when Catherine reveals she’s ...
August 7, 2006

english again
Books are used constantly as symbols throughout The English Patient. At the beginning, the stairs that lead to Almasy’s room is damaged, so Hana uses books to create new stairs. This symbolizes how books can be used to reach out to others. Hana loves reading books and ...
August 7, 2006

Hey can u guys help on this lab, I dont get it. I have to figure out the: prediction, Analysis, and evaluation. Problem: what is the molar enthalpy of ice? Evidence: mass of calorimeter: 3.76g mass of calorimeter+ water: 103.26g mass of calorimeter+ water+melted ice: 120.59g ...
August 5, 2006

enlglish correction paragraph 2
And this is my other paragraph. Hemingway shows love can be used as a tool for comfort of each other’s pain. At the beginning of the novel, Catherine tells Henry that her fiancé recently died, but she starts flirting with him anyways the second she meets him and ...
August 4, 2006

english correction please
The English Patient and A Farewell to Arms consist of many themes, but the theme that dominates in both novels is love. Ondaatje shows readers that if love truly comes from the soul, it can transcend place and time. Almasy still holds Katherine dear to his heart even he knows ...
August 4, 2006

okay english redone
Haunting and horrifying, as beautiful as its disturbing, the two novels "The English" Patient" by Michael Ondaantje and "A Farewell to Arms" by Ernest Hemmingway sweep the readers of their feet taking them to a whole new world. The English Patient ...
July 31, 2006

english hlep correction
When i said i have to write an essay, I meant writing an essay about the two books together, not separate Bobpursley's suggestion still works -- whether you're writing about one of the books or both! =)
July 25, 2006

english help asap
hi I have to do an essay analyzing themes, symbols, and the authors' writing style of two books: A Farewell to Arms and The English Patient. I need help writing the introduction. How do i start my intro paragraph explaining about the two book without saying too much and ...
July 25, 2006

Express the following quantities as an ordinary decimal number: a) The sun has a diameter of 1.392 * 10^6 I get 1392000. b) 8.4*10^-6 I get 0.000084 Is this right The first one is correct. The second one is incorrect. Your answer is 8.4 *10^-5 you have 8.4*10^-6; start where ...
June 19, 2006

1) Write 2^2 * 3 * 5 as a natural number? I get 60 is it right or should i put 4*3*5= 60 2) Write 420 as the product of its prime factors in exponent form? What do i have to do ? 1) Write 2^2 * 3 * 5 as a natural number? I get 60 is it right or should i put 4*3*5= 60 2) Write ...
June 19, 2006

chemistry r u guys..thanks for helping me on my previous questions...can u help me solve two questions and check one? Thanks, all the questions are related to the info given: In some industrial processes, sodium chromate is added to water coolants. When the coolant is drained...
June 18, 2006

Electrolytic Cells
Hey...can u check my two answers for a and b and can u help on the rest? 8. An electrolytic cell consisting of an aqueous solution of NaCl is set up. Answer the following. a. What is the strongest oxidizing agent present? My answer: Na; sodium b. What is the strongest reducing...
June 17, 2006

one question+science
This info is ment for the next two questions...which I dont get..can u help? Information given: In the table below, the time, in hours, that each of three cells would operate four particular devices is given. The cost of each cell is also given. Type of D Cell Leclanch/...
June 17, 2006

When light travels from air to glass, which one of the following is not dependent on the index of refraction of the glass? A- The speed at which lught travels in the glass B- The angle through which light is deflected on entering the glass C- The frequency of the light in the ...
June 12, 2006

How do you find movable do? i need to solfege songs in different keys and i need to know how! Add sharps and flats to make it closest to another key scale with dynamic constrast
August 25, 2005

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