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Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by y= x^(1/2), y= 0, and x= 3 revolving around the y-axis.

5th grade
What is the difference between a long O and a short O?

please check my math
6-1 3/10=

world geography
the five classics, i am not sure what these are. they are related to chinese literature. but it doesnt list them in the section. please help. thanks Sun Su's: The Art Of War May be one This site lists and describes the Five Confucian Classics.

world geopraphy
how did geography affect the life of the Ayran groups that invaded India? please help. thanks The present belief is that "The Aryan Invasion" of India is a myth. Historical, genetic and geographic studies has supported this finding. Here is an interesting site that m...

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