November 26, 2015

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May 23, 2014

At what point during the course of treatment of a new patient should notice of use and disclosure of health information, required under HIPAA, be given and why?
April 1, 2010

Paula Patient doesn't want her violent boyfriend to know she's getting an aboution, so she asks Dr. bob to send all communications to her to a post office box and to phone her only at work. What should Dr. Bob do, and what is the legal basis for your advice? if she ...
April 1, 2010

Dr. Bob is preparing to operate on Sally for an immediately life-treatening condition. just before the begins the operation, he discovers that she is 17 years old. Her parents, with whom Dr. Bob has never discussed the operation, are in the waiting room of the hospital. What ...
April 1, 2010

in regard to electronic medical records (EMRs), what is the policy for disclosing authorized data requested by third parties?
April 1, 2010

Does the AMA ethics opinion mention encryption as a technique for security?
April 1, 2010

when should the patient be notified of purging of archaic or inaccurate information?
April 1, 2010

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