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A. Production
A toy manufacturing makes its own wind-up motors, which are then put into its toys. While the toy manufacturing process is continous, the motors are intermittent flow. Data on the manufacture of the motors appears below. Annual demand (D)=50,000 units Set-up cost(S)=$85 per ba...

Advanced Production
Montegut Manufacturing produces a product for which the annual demand is 10,000. Production averages 100 per day, while demand is 40 per day. Holding costs are $1.00 per unit per year;set-up costs $200.00. If they wish to produce this product in economics batches, what size ba...

Advanced Production
The data in the following table represent time-study observations on a new operation with three work elements. On the basis of these observations, find the standard time for the process. Assume an 8% allowance factor. Element-1,2,3. Performance Rating-105%,90%,115%. Observatio...

Advanced Production
A time study od a certain service task found a average cycle time of 15 minutes, with a standard deviation of 5 minutes. These figures were based on a sample of 100 measurements. Is the sample large enough that we are 95% confident that standard time is within 5% of its true v...

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