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In my Latin book, adjectives are listed like this: antiquus antiqua anitiquum Do they automatically agree with the appropriate gender, when their appropriatly declined using the right declension? thank you!

Why would multi Romanorum have both multi and Romanorum in the genetive case? Thank you for clarifying this.

In Latin, do you put the noun that is possessive in the genetive case, or do you do the noun that is being possessed? Or both? I thought it was just the possesser, but in example given in my textbook, copia cibi, copia is not in the genetive, but cibi is. I'm confused!! Th...

I know that there is a list of verbs where you're not supposed to say "a/au/a la." Is arreter one of them? Since I am working with subway stops, I don't know many of their genders. Is there a general gender for metro stops? Or should I just assume they are ma...

Hi, I was wondering what french verb you would use when refering to taking the metro. Would you use prendre? Thanks!

The word problem is: Nancy's quiz average is a 74. Her quiz average is 1/4 of her grade. The test average is 3/4 of the total grade. What test average does she need to get at least an 88? Would you be able to set up an equation, and explain how the answer was acheived? Tha...

Note: in this equation the absolute value marks are symbolized by parenthesis. 2 is less than (4-x). Why would this have no solution? Thank you!!!

Hi I have an assignment where I need to find facts about Paris. I don't want ho hum stuff with statistics, I want an interesting quirky fact. Does anyone know any off hand? Thanks!!

I have an assignment where I had to interview a classmate about an experience over the Summer. He told me about his trip to California, to participate in a boot camp for the company Idel Information. The class was soon over, and I did not find out much about this boot camp or ...

Thanks SraJMcGin for replying. For some reason the second half of my post never appeared; my computer was having issues with this site for some reason earlier today. What I meant more specifically was different methods of preparations for food (grilled, baked, fried, boiled, f...

Thanks to those who responded to my question before. Now I am wondering how to say different methods of French food preparation (the stuff we need to know when we dine but they never teach us)

Hi I will be traveling to Quebec and I want to know how do you call 911 there? Is it the same number?

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