February 1, 2015

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. The average age at which a woman gets married in the U.S. is µ = 27 with a standard deviation of σ = 5.5. Use this information to answer the following questions. Show Your Work! A. What proportion marries at age 30 or more?
September 27, 2013

November 17, 2011

yall are not very helpful......
April 5, 2011

Its asking for your opinion. So use your own perspective and thoughts on the matter.
August 23, 2010

international business
For many global companies, China represents a very attractive market in terms of size and growth rate. Yet, it ranks lower in terms of economic freedom and higher in political risk than other country markets because it has a communist government. Despite these risks, ...
March 5, 2010

How do authors of short stories use various literary devices to help with the development of theme?
March 1, 2010

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