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What are adult cardinals able to do that baby cardinals are unable to do? -Fly --Make Noise ---Breathe air ----sleep

social studies
who controls the flow of fresh water in miami dade county?

Resume help
Thank you for your help

Resume help
Some thing to where I will be interacting with nurses and patients. I know that is almost everything but maybe a candystriper to start.

Resume help
I really do not find many cake decorating positions needing a resume so I went with what I am studying in school. Is this ok? Career Objective: To assist the sick as a registered nurse. I would also like to become a traveling nurse at some time to. I am going to school to achi...

So sorry...what if you do not have experience in a field but are studying to be in it. I could state everything I have done but no background... should I explain that in the resume?

I did the one place is closed down. Can I ask one more question... Is a cover letter the same as a job application letter...I am new at this stuff. Sorry if I am buggin you.

I have another one but it looks so much like this one. Little differences.

Thank you for your help. I was also wondering if this could be used as both hardcopy and softcopy resumes?

I was wondering if someone could look my softcopy resume over. Is this good for a softcopy? Thanks for the help! :) Name Address Cake Decorator I started training to be a decorator in 2003. I became a part time decorator about a year later in 2004. Now in 2007 I am a full time...

Career Objective Until I finish my schooling I enjoy working as a cake decorator. I have been doing it for almost 3 years now. I would like to stay with this line of work for a while, I would like to learn so much more to become a better decorator. Experience Cake Decorator I ...

Name Address Cake Decorator I started training to be a decorator in 2003. I became a part time decorator about a year later in 2004. Now in 2007 I am a full time decorator. Other Bakery/Deli experience I also know how to bake pies, work a meat-slicer, work in a fast past envir...

opps sorry I will try again

I was wondering if someone could look over this softcopy resume Nicole Medina Campus Address Permanent Address Education [Click here and state your degree earned, year graduated, school attended] Courses Related to Major: Cake Decorator I started training to be a decorator in ...

the word environmental science
can Someone put environmental science in a sentence. like bob studyied environmental science. but i dont know what it means to well soihave to be spacific. can u help me?

Math (Intergers)
x-15=-2 what is x -13 or17

Sorry i hit submit to quick. my question is that i have to determine the relationship of these and express them using variables input output 12 16 16 19 20 22 24 25 26 26.5 I relize that the last one is .5 more then 1,2,3 and 4 not sure how to express this?

I have to determine the relationships os these numbers and express them using variables. Input Output 12

inflation is a decrease in the value of the money supplie. Like the Federal Resevere printing money.

social studies

What polygon has 20 diagonals?I don't know how to figur this out. THANKS!!!! A rectangle (4 sides) has 2 diagonals. A hexagon (6 sides) has 3 diagonals. An octagon (8 sides) has 4 diagonals. A _____ (20 sides) has 20 diagonals.

i am doing a science project comparing human and animal fingerprints. I can't seem to find out if cats and dogs have identifyiable fingerprints. does anyone know? thanks thanks lance. that helped!

local and state gov.
someone plz i really need help plz i cant find it in my text so someone plz!!! For a democracy right??? search google: branches of Government Click Bens Guide to Government for kids (1st or 2nd link) Then when you get there select your grade level in the ballon... This shows w...

American History
I need help finding the powers and services of local and state governments States have constitutions that enumerate their powers (I'm not sure about services!). More local governments can be counties or cities or townships. Eac...

word unscramble

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