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math riddle
Estimate a population: To study a species of fox, a team captures and tags 25 foxes from a large forest and then releases them. The following week they capture 15 foxes and find 5 are tagged. Estimate the number of foxes in the forest. This is a proportion problem. We know ...
September 8, 2006

Stat/trig question, please help me, thanks
In 1995, more than 1.1 million students in the U.S. took the SAT. On the mathematics section, the mean =507, s=112 (standard deviation). Students recieve scores rounded to the nearest 10. What is the interval of student scores that lie within one standard deviation of the mean...
September 5, 2006

math problem
the circle graph at the right shows eye colors of the students in Mr.Chare's 4th hour class. If 7 students have either green or hazel eyes, how many students are there in the class? Circle graph is.. 12% gray 24%hazel 4% green 36% brown 24% blue I need help solving this, ...
August 30, 2006

Bio Bio
You have just located a nucleolus in the nucleus. You are able to excise this area of the genome and express the genes of this chromosomal fraction in vitro (in a test tube). What genes would you most likely find expressed from this portion of the cell's DNA? I. tRNA II. ...
July 22, 2006

Bio Bio Please check answer
Because codons are triplicates, there are ______ possible nucleotides combinations that could make a codon; each giving rise to one specific amino acid. Yet, there are only 20 amino acids used to produce proteins. Thsus, the gentic code is said to be _______. I. 16, unambigous...
July 22, 2006

Bio Bio
Please help me out with this: You have just located a nucleolus in the nucleus. You are able to excise thsi area of the genome and express the genesof this chromosomal fraction in vitro (in a test tube). What genes would you most likely find expressed from this portion of the ...
July 22, 2006

"write a paragraph on book's thesis"?
I'm going into AP (advanced placement) European History, grade 10, and our summer reading assignment was to read a <i>A World Lit Only By Fire</i>, a book about the tenaissance. Along with this assignment, I'm required to write a paragraph about the book&#...
August 31, 2005

please correct this sentence: A)HOPEFULLY, we B)WILL BE able to complete the building C)BEFORE the rainy seas sets D)IN. E)NO ERROR i already know the answer is A, but i'm not sure why. can u please explain, thanks. I believe the writer means when the "rainy season ...
July 19, 2005

please correct this sentence: the reason i A) WILL not be going to mexico is C)BECAUSE i will use up all my money D)IN ATTENDING an important meeting in singapore. E)NO ERROR i already know that the answer is c, but please explain. thank you.
July 19, 2005

If a and b are positive integers and their product is 3 times their sum, what is the value of 1/a + 1/b? Given that ab = 3(a + b). From this, ab/3 = a + b. Dividing through by ab yields 1/a + 1/b = 1/3.
June 30, 2005

there are 12 men on a basketball team, and in a game 5 of them play at any one time. if the game is 1 hr long and if each man plays exactly the same amount of time how many minutes does each man play? a) 10 b) 12 c) 24 d) 25 e) 30 b) 12 NO. Its d) 25. With a 60 minute game and...
June 29, 2005

if A (2, -1) and B (4,7) are endpoints of a diameter of a circle, what is the area of the circle? a)16pi b) 17pi c) 18pi d)144pi e)1156pi Plot the two points and join 'em with a line. Now plot another point C (4, -1). And then simply run a line from B down to the new point...
June 24, 2005

two cylindrical tanks have the same height, but the radius of one tank equals the diameter of the other. if the volume of the larger is k% more than the volume of the smaller, k= ? a)50 b)100 c)200 d)300 e)400 small tank volume: pi*(r/2)^2*h big tank volume: pi*r^2*h factor ...
June 23, 2005

if anthony had 3 times as many marbles as he actually has, he would have 1/3 as many marbles as Billy has. what is the ratio of the number of marbles Anthony has to the number of marbles Billy has? a)1:9 b)1:3 c)1:1 d)3:1 e) 9:1 1:9 Ex: Anthony has 3 marbles and Billy has 27. ...
June 23, 2005

a rectangle has a perimeter equal to circumference of a circle of radius 3. if the width of the rectangle is 3, what is the length? a) 3pi-3 b) 4.5pi-3 c)6pi-3 d)9pi-3 e)cannot be determined 3*2*pi=3+3+2x where x=side of rectangle 6pi-6=2x 3pi-3=x
June 23, 2005

Chemistry Suspension Examples...
orange juice is a good example!! Because the state of a subthat is mixed but never really be dissovled. We learend about this in science class.
June 15, 2005

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