July 28, 2014

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An 88.9 kg weight lifter is required to perform a snatch movement for their final lift in a weight lifting competition. The standard weight lifting bar is 20 kg and the load attached to the bar was in the form of 6 x 20 kg weight discs, 2 x 10 kg weight discs, 2 x 5 kg weight ...

Describe the human gait cycle. Explain the sinusoidal pattern experienced in normal gait. Using the below data complete the table to determine stride length, stride rate and then calculate velocity. SLOW: The subject took 33 steps of approximately 0.981 m in length. It took 18...

A juggler performs in a room with a ceiling that is 2.4 m above the level of his hands. He throws a ball (diameter of 10 cm) vertically so that it just reaches the ceiling. what initial velocity does he throw the ball? how long does it take for the ball to reach the ceiling? H...

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