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A canoeist is trying to paddle upstream in a river that has a velocity of 6.1 m/s. a) If he can paddle his canoe at a velocity of 6.2 m/s will he make any headway? b)What will be his velocity relative to the shore?

t= vd t= (2.4 m/s)(52 m) t= ? t= (1.2 m/s)(79 m) t= ? t= (3.4 m/s)(25 m) t= ? Add all your answers or products or something...and thats your answer =)

A missile is fired and travels at 309 m/s. If the operator discovers that the missile is locked on the wrong target and must be detonated by remote signal before impact, how far will the missile travel if the operator's reaction time to send the signal is 1.21 s?

t + 21

which of the following biomes would receive the most yearly rain? A desert B rainforest C grassland D coniferous forest

Well Mr. Our Teacher taught us abot the lithosphere and the true defintion. I did not copy it. Our teacher is an 8th,6th,and 7th


you might want to go to google and type in chicago bulls. or blackle or gothle and type in chicago bulls. it might give you ideas


well coeficcent are the numbers with variables close to it.kinetic friction is the moving of the how many kg are in 25 what is the 0.90 m to the 1.60 m. so with that wha do you think the answer is?

1st grade
you could help her first on vocabulary and spelling. then you could start getting into stories and you can go to these websites.

Q: do tomato plants grow better with fertilizer Hypothesis: I think if i give the tomatoes fertilizer they will grow taller Contolled Experiment 1. Control group list factors 2. Experimental Independant Variables 3. DATA COLLECTION

What word expression or name is depicted below? NE 14 1O5

Mrs.Sue the squares are not in a horizantol form. like the one in the link. there are 2 squares horizantol and 1 square on top of the 1 of the horizantol squares By Moving Only 2 sticks of these three equal sized squares cna be changed into 4 equal sized rectangles. which 2 st...

By Moving Only 2 sticks of these three equal sized squares cna be changed into 4 equal sized rectangles. which 2 sticks should be moved?

"By Morning only 2 sticks of these 3 equal sized squares can be changed into 4 equal sized rectangles.which 2 sticks shold be moved"

you can only use 8, 1, 4, 3, 7. digts only appear once in an answer the product of two 2-digit numbers, plus a number is 3,355 what are the numbers?

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