July 22, 2014

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Is there an instance when a linear equation is not a function?

2+7x8/4= 9x2=18 or 56/4+2=16 do i follow M.D.A.S or do I follow the problem? these have no parentheses.

US History

Algebra 2 Linear Programming
that sounds right i guess i should check my work again

Algebra 2 Linear Programming
I think this is an easy question but i just wanted make sure i have the right answer Could you check my work Some students make and sell jewelry in their spare time. Every week they have an avaiable 10,000 beads of various colors and sizes. They only have 20 hours to work on t...

the book answer is correct

Algebra 2-Linear Programming
A chauffer must decide between driving his client in the Rolls Royce or the Mercedes Benz. The Rolls Royce costs $1.75 per mile to operate and the Mercedes Benz costs $2.00 per mile to operate. The chauffer can charge $4.00 permile for the Rolls and $6.00 for the Mercedes Benz...

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