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Science- Check Please :)
I only have a couple questions left but I want to be sure that my answers are correct so can someone please help me by checking my answers and if they are wrong can someone please let me know? Thank you! Question Number 1: A freshwater marsh is a type of ecosystem. Grasses, fi...

science( Please Check My Answer)
Okay thank you so much! Really appreciate it :D

science( Please Check My Answer)
Question: One of the largest cypress trees in Florida has a tree trunk diameter of about 3.5 m. What is the source of MOST of the carbon in the cypress tree's trunk? Answer choices: A. The tree created carbon during photosynthesis. B. The tree used carbon that it had store...


algebra 1
Answer Choices: A. 2x+y=14 B. y=2x+14 C. 2x-y=-14 D. y-2x=11

algebra 1
MISTAKE: its actually y-8=2(x+3)

algebra 1
can someone please help me solve the question and explain to me and also show me specifically what to do step by step??? Q: what is the standard form of Y-8=2(x+2)?

Thank you sooo much!!!! you are such a great help!!!!

I also forgot to ask at the Triangle factory why were the floors of the building permitted to be made out of wood? sorry to bother but I am finished with the rest of this assignment but i seriously need big-time help with this. I looked at all of my sources but the answer isnt...

i need the approximate number are you both sure that it is 500 workers

i meant to say how many people at the triangle factory (THE FACTORY THAT WAS FAMOUS FOR MAKING SHIRTWAISTS AND THE FACTORY CAUGHT ON FIRE ON MARCH, 25 1911) worked there?

how many people worked at the Triangle Factory ( the factory that was famous for waste and the factory caught on fire on March 25, 1911)

thsnk you. but do you mind explaining to me why it is a because I am not very sure why that is the correct answer.

Which integer is equal to the product of -8 and the sum of 5 and -2? A) -24 B) -6 C) 6 D) 24

-what are the high plains east of the rocky mountains? -what is the basin between the rocky mountains and the sierra nevadas? - what are the mountains north of the alaska range? help me please

7th Grade Math
What question

I boiled eggs in organce and apple juice to see if the eggs would boil. The eggs boiled. I didn't think the eggs would boil because of the acidity in the orange and apple juice. I got B- on my sciene project. My science teacher wants for me to improve my Hypothesis, No Pro...

A particle has an initial horizontal velocity of 1.8 m/s and an initial upward velocity of 4.7 m/s. It is then given a horizontal acceleration of 2.3 m/s2 and a downward acceleration of 1.6 m/s2. What is its speed after 1.9 s? Answer in units of m/s. What is the direction of i...

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