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An entry level position pays 8 dollars per hour. A 4% raise is given at the end of each year of employment. What would the pay be after 3 years?
February 2, 2008

How do you find the decimal notation of 22/25?
February 1, 2008

How do you work these problems? 8x-7=15+19x 7.6x-3.5x=-65.6 -7x-23=-25 1/3
January 27, 2008

life chemistry and the life of cells
Units of actin and myosin are arranged end to end in order to
January 23, 2008

i'm doing a project on orbital rules and i don't remember how to get the atomic mass and the atomic number. i know wher P comes from but i don't know how to get N
January 22, 2008

Can someone help me explain the issues and conclusion of the Gulf War...? this would be so much help thank you.
November 25, 2007

well im pretty sure of the conflict part,the compromise is what I am having a hard time finding. The Gulf War was between Iraq and 35 nations which were all controlled and authorized by the United Nations. Kuwait and Iraq were mostly involved in the war fighting from the air ...
November 25, 2007

What is the conflict and compromise of the Persian Gulf War? =D thank you.
November 25, 2007

the point (6,-1) is on a circle whose center is (12,7). whats the length of the radius of the circle?
November 20, 2007

Thanks one more question though. When two identical masses are placed on frictionless slopes at identical heights. The first slope makes an angle of 30deg with respect to horizontal, second one with 40deg. Both balls are released simultananeously. At the bottom of the slope ...
October 27, 2007

1.when a train pulls a wagon, is the work zero because wagon pulls on the train with equal opposite force(newton's third law)? 2.what is negative net work and when it is done an on object, does it reduce objects kinetic energy? 3.if the work done on an object is zero, does...
October 27, 2007

Why didnt Georgia send delegates to the First Continental Congress? They were the only state that didn't and i have a theory but i'm not quite sure. Just wanted to get others thoughts. Thank ya!
September 30, 2007

first subtract: 35 - 8 becasue you know that eight dollars will be used up on the one adult. then divided 5.5 into that number to see how man kids can be taken. round down to a whole number because yuo cannot have half a kid. :)
September 30, 2007

Environmental systems
I know the first for are the wafs: water air food shelter i'm assuming the next two are love and probably friends/family or maybe clothes.
September 30, 2007

elementary math
what is a partial sum?
September 30, 2007

y = mx + b do you know the equation to find m?
September 30, 2007

physical science
matter is what mass is made of. It connects to science by physics (finding out how matter works with the earth and laws of nature) and chemistry (finding out about the different types of matter an measuring and chanign it) matter connected to the world, everything is made up ...
September 30, 2007

I am looking at a problem and I am wondering ....Is (a+b)^3 ever equal to a^3+b^3
August 28, 2007

I am having a hard time doing this problem. The square of 5 more than a number
August 28, 2007

human services
Are human service or health care organizations expected to act in a more ethical manner than for-profit organizations? Why wouldn't one expect all organizations and individuals to act ethically? Like Bob, I hope all organizations and individuals act ethically. But ...
July 10, 2007

answerrr the questionn someeonee pleasee!
May 2, 2007

IN O'connors A good man is hard to find, for the question which person seems excited about having an accident? is the answer Bailey. Thanks These sites may be of help to you.
April 15, 2007

Ironing out all the wrinkles, the pants looked much more presentable. Hmmmm. Did the pants do the ironing? Is this a misplaced modifier?
April 6, 2007

Help wih this question
For my assignment I need to answer what is thornton wilder getting at in the play The skin of your teeth when he says future is easy to predict its the past thats difficult to interpret. I couldnt' understand the play real well and don't know where to look on the ...
April 3, 2007

In thornton Wilder's The skin of your teeth for this question Who says this quote Tear everything down I don't care if you smash it. Is the answer mr. antrobus. Thanks
April 1, 2007

For this question Marlow is typical of many of his contemporizes who go to Africa. is this answer true. thanks We need to know the context of this question, before we can respond adequately to you. Please repost with more information. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking. ...
March 26, 2007

I have to write an essay about how frankenstein is a cautionary tale in Mary shelley's frankenstein, I want to incorporate something about individuality with the creature but don't know what to write. Thanks Here's good information on what a cautionary tale ...
March 20, 2007

Which Early Childhood setting follows closely to Montessori theory, Naeyc accredited, childcare, first grade, preschool or primary. and then i have to give an example thanks. NAEYC accredidation is for Birth through Kindergarten. So that rules out some of your options. Most ...
March 19, 2007

In conrad's The heart of darkness, why doesn't marlow tell kurtz's fiancee the truth. I am trying to find the answer. Thanks You might find an explanation here: =)
March 12, 2007

for this question is the answer true Frankenstein says, "Like Adam, I was apparently united by no link to any other being in existence read the last 4 paragraphs. Then also
March 6, 2007

for this question is the answer true One sign that Frankenstein is declining during his study is that he becomes unresponsive to the beauty of nature
March 6, 2007

In Mary shelley's frankenstein, did frankenstein believe in democracy? This site will give you information on Themes and Motifs in that book. However,NOW the term Frankenstein has come to have an anti-democratic connotation. It ...
March 5, 2007

ancient mariner
Do you think the ancient mariner is a romantic poem? I am having problems trying to figure out why it isnt'. thanks This site will give you the era and definition of poetry from the Romantic era. After reading it, you will be able to see where The Rime of the Ancient ...
February 28, 2007

how would a sociologist view the reasons for the uneven representation in the military? What would a sociologist say about how society shaped Americas' decision to join the military? There are many different reasons for joining the military. These reasons differ, depending...
February 26, 2007

If a mineral sample has a mass of 10 g, how many grams of oxygen does it contain? You need more information than that to determine the amount of oxygen or any other element in the mineral. Your question is the same kind as, "My car was in the rain today. How much did it ...
December 9, 2006

Where did you get t = 3 from? You cannot just make that assumption.
September 10, 2006

whats worng with theses sentences.. The first step to playing spades is to make srue you have all the cards in the deck, take out the jokers, because in spades there are no wilds, then you shuffle the cards well, so that you improve your odds of getting an awesome hand, after ...
June 26, 2005

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