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if a swimmer swam one lap in 32 seconds and the second lap in 45 seconds how do I calculate to find her total time?

Resource limitations that affest the richest man, the poorest man, a farmer and the govt of Indonesia

Statistics:Significance Test and Confidence Interv
Significance Test and Confidence Intervals In General: The article contains a 95% confidence interval. Would the margin of error in a 99% confidence interval computed from the same data be less, the same, or greater?

Statistics:Significance Test and Confidence Interv
Significance Test and Confidence Intervals In General: For another significance test, the article says that the result was significant at the 1% level. Arte such results always, sometimes, or never significant at the 5% level?

Statisitcs:Significance Test and Confidence Interv
Significance Test and Confidence Intervals In General: Is the result with P-value 0.045 significant at the 1% level?

Statistics:Significance Test and Confidence Interv
Significance Test and Confidence Intervals In General: You are reading an article in your field that reports several statistical analyses. The article says that the P-value for a significance test is 0.045. Ifs the significant at the 5% significance level?

Statistics: Two Sample Population Confidence Inter
Two Sample Population Confidence Interval: Before an intensive TV advertising campaign, the producers of Nike athletic shoes find that 30 of a random sample of 217 upper-income adults were aware of their new leisure shoe line. A second random sample of 352 such adults is taken...

Statistics:Two Sample Population Proportion Signif
Two Sample Population Proportion Significance Tests: A historian examining British Colonial records for the Gold Coast in Africa suspects that the death rate was higher among African miners than among European miners. in the year 1936, there were 341 deaths among 34282 African...

Statistics:Z and T Statistics: Confidence Interva
Z and T Statistics: Confidence Intervals and Significance Tests: A friend who hears that you are taking a statistics course asks for help with a specific chemistry lab report. She has made four independent measurements of the specific gravity of a compound. The results are : 4...

Statistics: Sample Size, Variance and Standard Dev
Sample Size, Variance and Standard Deviation A student organization plans to ask 100 randomly selected students how much they spent on textbooks last semester. You argue for a sample of 900 students instead of 100. You know the standard deviation of the sample mean x of the am...

Statisitcs: Confidence Intervals and Errors:
Confidence Intervals and Errors: An opinion poll asks 1500 randomly chosen United States residents their opinions about relations with the nations of Europe. The announced margin of error for 95% confidence is + 3 points. But some people were not on the list from which respond...

Statisitics:Standard Deviation of Population and o
Standard Deviation of Population and of a Sample The weight of newborn children in the United States vary according to the normal distribution with mean 7.7 pounds and standard deviation 1.68 pounds. The government classifies a newborn as having low birth weight if the weight ...

Statistics:Correlation and Least Square Regression
Correlation and Least Square Regression A long term study of changing environmental conditions in Chesapeake Bay found the following annual average salinity readings in one location in the bay: Year Salinity (%) 1971 13.4 1972 9.8 1973 15.1 1974 14.7 1975 15.1 1976 14 1977 15....

Experiments The drug AZT was the first effective treatment for AIDS. An important medical experiment demonstrated that regular doses of AZT delay the onset of symptoms in people whom HIV is present. The researchers who carried out this experiment wanted to know the following: ...

Statistics: Data Analysis
Data Analysis A study examined how long aircraft air conditioning units operated after being repaired. Here are the operating times (in hours) for one unit: 32 51 58 63 65 69 90 97 98 100 103 106 117 118 118 120 124 128 129 132 150 152 185 196 225 231 289 a) Make a histogram o...

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