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Dimensional Analysis
Convert 1.60ml into microliters
September 12, 2011

2. A public light utitlity company bills a unit of electricity usage in KWH. In its new billing policy, domestic usage, Rate 15, will have a monthly rate of $ 12.20 per unit for the first 100 KWH; $ 18.25 per unit for the next 700 KWH and $ 42.10 per unit for the each ...
August 28, 2011

F(x)=square root(27x-x^4)
July 28, 2011

if a plane is flying at a speed so that the apex half-angle of its shock wave is 30 degrees, what is the speed if the speed of sound is 320 m/s?
May 13, 2011

What is the remainder when 13 to the 51st power is divided by 5?
April 14, 2011

A heater caused the temperature of a 550 g Aluminum block to change from 22 degrees C to 145 degrees C. How many calories were required to heat the metal block?
April 11, 2011

how much calcium oxide is recovered when 250 g calcium hydroxide are heated given the following reaction? Ca(OH)2 arrow CaO + H2O
April 11, 2011

caffeine has a half-life of 4.6 hours in the human body.. How long would it take 125 milligrams tritium to decay to 22 milligrams?
April 11, 2011

With what minimum speed must you toss a 130 g ball straight up to hit the 12 m-high roof of the gymnasium if you release the ball 1.3 m above the ground? I already figured out the minimum speed, 14m/s I'm confused on the next part With what speed does the ball hit the ...
March 27, 2011

allgebra ll
solve 3x=8=3x2 by completing the square
February 13, 2011

I got 88.2% also, but the answers were arranged and worded different.. For a few of them tho like 4 and 6 I used my own answers.
January 28, 2011

A sample of a hydrate of CuSO4 with a mass of 250 grams was heated until all the water was removed. The sample was then weighed and found to have a mass of 160 grams. What is the formula for the hydrate? CuSO4 * 10 H2O CuSO4 * 7 H2O CuSO4 * 5 H2O CuSO4 * 2 H2O CuSO4 * H2O
December 27, 2010

Translate: Sara always used to lose her keys. Is it? Sara siempre se le perdia los papeles.
December 27, 2010

for the same question: what is the rate of decomposition (in mol/L*hr) when C2H6= 0.00422 M?
December 25, 2010

An analysis of an unknown compound found it contained 40 g potassium, 52 g chromium and 56 g of oxygen. a) What is the empirical formula for this compound? Show the work you did to determine the formula. b) What type of compound is it, ionic, covalent or a combination of both...
December 14, 2010

Math (Algebra)
can someone help me
July 26, 2010

what are two characteristics of orientalism
April 15, 2010

since 911, what are some changes the united states has made to policy concerning arabs and muslims treatment
April 15, 2010

what is the difference between arab and muslims
April 15, 2010

11th grade Physics
Trevor has a mass of 58.0 kg. What is his weight?
March 31, 2010

Which of the following reactions needs to be reversed to solve for the Heat of Neutralization between Hydrochloric Acid and Ammonia? Acetic Acid + Sodium Hydroxide Hydrochloric Acid + Sodium Hydroxide Acetic Acid + Ammonia
March 29, 2010

Ringworm is
March 22, 2010

4gr math
March 7, 2010

Determine the future value of an annuity due into which quarterly deposits of $450 are made for nine years if the annuity pays 10% compounded quarterly.
November 9, 2009

Use place value to solve. There are 75 children in the concert. there are 8 boxes of song books. there are 10 books in each box.Is there a book for each child in the concert? How do you know?
August 18, 2009

A bookcase has 43 books. there are 34 students in the class. Are there enough books for the students? how do you know? use place value to solve
August 17, 2009

which of the following statements regarding sex hormones is true?
April 8, 2009

5th grade
thank you :) i get it now.
February 19, 2009

5th grade
ok I kind of understand. But how did you get from 8/100 to 2/25 you are reducing right/ but how?
February 19, 2009

5th grade
We are working on Fractions, mixed numbers and decimals. the problem says - write each decimal as a fraction or mixed number in simplest form... 0.7 or 0.08 ....ugg HELP
February 19, 2009

rounding decimals
September 7, 2008

September 3, 2008

corrected ? TWO ODDS =ODD? OR 1 ODD+1EVEN=EVEN?
September 3, 2008

OOps sorry 2 odd numbers=odd 1 odd,1 even = even
September 3, 2008

Can 2 odd numbers add to an even or 1 odd and 1 even to an even?
September 3, 2008

Please give me an example of "number sense" What number is 10,000 less than 337,676?
August 28, 2008

anatomy and physiology
The Optic and Vagus nerves are spinal nerves true or false?
May 15, 2008

DNA genotype
) In the example above, the Punnett Square represents a cross (mating) between a male (on the left side) with blood type AB, and a female, (top of square), with blood type A, genotype Ao.
April 8, 2008

Lang. Arts
what word would best fill in the blake for this sentence. The captain was furious to find a blanke on his ship
March 27, 2008

in 2CO(grams) + O2(grams) => 2CO2(grams), what is the ratio of moles of oxygen used to moles of CO2?
January 31, 2008

Science Fair
What can i do for related topics in my science fair for preserveation of cucumbers
December 2, 2007

how would write the Mood, Number, voice, and conjugation of the word 'Deciden'
November 15, 2007

How do you parse the verb 'deciden' Thanks
November 15, 2007

Another Science question
When charges mutually repel and distribute themselves onthe surface of conductors,what effect occurs inside the conductor?
November 5, 2007

I need some help with these questions. Why is there no electric field at the center of a charged spherical conductor? Does an electric field exist within a charged spherical conductor at points other than its center?
November 5, 2007

science PLEASE!
Remember, the treadmil is a machine. What is the inpput force exerted by the man inside the whill?? what is the output force exerted upon the water rising from the well? waht is the mechanical advantage of this machine? the man wt is 75kg. he raises his body 0.5 m the water wt...
November 1, 2007

Gravity accelerates objects downward at 9.8 m/s. How much downwards force does the man generate with each step he takes? how much work is performed when gravity pulls him down 0.5 m after each step?
November 1, 2007

I am reading "The crisis, No.1" now. What does this sentences mean "Mutual fear is the principal link in the chain of mutual hate, and woe be to that state that breaks the compact"? I really need help. Please tell me someone. "Mutual fear is the ...
October 17, 2006

Research Paper (Report)
How am I supposed to write very beginning of the essay? Generally, a thesis statement will appear in the introduction to the essay, which is the first paragraph or section of the essay introducing your topic. Aim for a clear, strong introduction that sets out what you're ...
September 22, 2006

Suppose you have an industry with 20 firms and the CR is 30%. How would you describe this industry?Suppose the demand for product rises and pushes up the price for the good. What long run adjustments would you expect following this change in demand? What des your adjustment ...
June 12, 2006

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