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y=x^2-3 Is there symmetry? Yes, on the y-axis. How would I prove it? With an equation?
September 23, 2009

Write the equation of the circle. Center at (4,2) and the circle passes through the point (-1,-1). Please help!
September 23, 2009

mark wants to plot his grades from week to week. what type of graphshould he use?
January 21, 2009

A form of charge, designated positive, negative, or zero, found on the elementary particles that make up all known matter
January 14, 2009

if it's less than it's "and", if it's greater than it's "or".
January 14, 2009

y= mx + B y =3 m= -1 x= -2 Find B= ??
October 9, 2008

I need help identifying each words part of speech on 2 sentences: Growing along with your family Built to last forever Please help
September 2, 2008

Linear Equations(HELP)
your teacher is giving you a test worth 100 points containing 40 questions.There are two-point and four-point questions on the test.How many of each type of question are on the test?
March 3, 2008

I need a passing grade in chemistry. Our mid term is tomarow it is not realy a class it is for G.T. We have to make a modle of an atom. HELP.
September 23, 2007

i need help for my worksheet cn anybody help me get a good grade in my class its very hard
January 25, 2007

what are a+ topics i could use to write a 2 page 7th grade science report
October 24, 2006

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