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Shurley English Grade 4
I'm suppose to write sentences from Grade 4 Shurley English book. I was suppose to bring book home and use page 25 - I forgot the book - anyone know what is on page 25? Thanks

A ball is dropped from rest off a 27 m building.What is the maximum speed that the ball will reach?

4m+(13*9)-3m [1m/3 times 9 is 9m/3 which simplifies to 3m]=36 4m+187-3m=36 (just multiplying it out) m+117=36 (4m-3m=1m) m=(36-117) m=-81

Thank you very much


57 divided by 2 use estimation

Can you answer my math question below? It says math but I meant to put science

1. Everyone hates frozen peanut butter sandwiches. Answer: O Circle:Everyone 2. The secretary keeps the peanut butter sandwiches in a refrigerator in the faculty room. Answer:F 3. Money was stolen three days in a row from students. Answer: F 4. Diane is one of the bossiest gir...

So All ducks have webbed feet to help them swim. Webbed feet are an example of A. a behavioral adaption B. a niche C. an instinct D. a structural adaption Is D not C?

I meant to put this as Science so thats another mistake.. D:

2nd to last question I meant to put dog not god. I might have some other mistakes

An inherited trait that helps an organism survive and reproduce is called A. an adaption B. a species C. an evironment D. a niche A? 2. Which best describes the way structural adaptions occur? A. quickly in a shor period of time B. slowly over thousands of years C. in a couple...

Social Studies
I got Dartmouth College

Social Studies
Which was the last of the Ivy League schools to admit women?

Social Studies
I can't find which paragraph it's in there is a lot of places there

Social Studies
What King's monument and tomb can be found in the city of Aachen at the Cathedral?

Can someone please help me solve these problems? I have to use the 17 rules of inference to prove the arguments valid: 1) 1. T = R 2. (~R > ~T) > (P . ~S) / ~S v T 2) 1. C > F 2. A > B 3. ~F . A 4. ~C > (B > D) / B . D 3) 1. (S v Q) / ~P > ~S 4) 1. D > ...

If you have 200 ml of a 0.1M solution of acetic acid (pka=4.75), 1. How many ml of a solution of 1.O M NaOH would you need to adjust the pH to 5.2? 2. How many ml of water would you then add to make the solution of 0.05M in total acetic acid (ie., acetic acid + acetate ion)

choral reading is like choir so when you read that it gives you musical notes such as tempo just look at a band or choir book

The Fredonian Rebellion was a dispute between the Mexican government and the Edwards brothers, Haden and Benjaminqv. Haden Edwards received his empresarial grant on April 14, 1825. It entitled him to settle as many as 800 families in a broad area around Nacogdoches in eastern ...

In Harry's attic there are three spider webs. The first web is twice as large as the second web. The third web is 3 inches larger than the first web. The combined width of the three webs is 1 foot and 6 inches. Aunt is stumped again!

3rd grade
At the Natural History museum Paula saw 5 times as many beetles as spiders. She saw 6 more spiders than caterpillars. If Paula saw 50 insects and spiders, how many of each kind did she see? Aunt is stumped!

your speed would still be 100m/s your velocity would continue until stopped the acceleration would also change because of the stopping point

can you explain function tables to me

3rd grade

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