March 29, 2015

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can someone help me? okay so I am given this : (a) y= x-4 (b) y=2-x I have to graph this manually and find the intersection. okay so I know how to graphi it right with this formula: y=mx+b okay but is the slope how can you tell and what number is the y intercept i belive it ...
July 4, 2006

sturctural formula
how would i the sturctural formula look for this one: dimethyl-propane: my guess that it would be like so: CH3 l CH2 l C-CH2-CH3 l CH2 l CH3 Is this right? Please visit the following:
June 13, 2006

complete and balnces theses reactions
how do i complete and balnces theses reactions???? CH3-CH2-CH3 (g) + Br2 (l) --> like how in the world????? do i do this? lol aint got a clue wish i would have listened at school now. Alkanes usually react with a halogen to form one of several halides. The simplest reaction...
June 13, 2006

Why is that carbon can form an infinite number of molecules?
June 13, 2006

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