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Spanish-SraJMcGin -please check corrections
I reposted this as a new question because I wasn't sure if you go back a page or not- Emily ¿Qué deseas tú comer? Beth: Yo quisiera el puerco con papas y zanahorias. Emily: ¿Y qué quieres tú beber? Beth: Yo quisiera agua para tomar...

Spanish 8th grade-Please recheck my correction SraJMcGin-Please check
Emily ¿Qué deseas tú comer? Beth: Yo quisiera el puerco con papas y zanahorias. Emily: ¿Y qué quieres tú beber? Beth: Yo quisiera agua para tomar. ¿Y qué deseas tú comer? Emily: Me gusta comer el rosbif. ¿Es...

Spanish 8th grade-Please check
Thank you-I was going to originally have the conversation between me and a boy and changed the name except there. Thanks for your help

Spanish 8th grade-Please check
I had to make up a conversation between two people ordering in a restaurant-Is this correct? Emily ¿Qué tú deseas comer? Beth: Yo quisiera el puerco con papas y zanahorias. Emily: ¿Y qué tú quieres beber? Beth: Yo quisiera agua para ...

Spanish-Thank you-
I finally get it-Thanks you for taking the time explain it to me again-I really appreciate

Spanish-Please check and clarify
Could someone recheck this-I don't understand the two follow up answers because they seem to contradict each other-Maybe its the question or wording I'm confused about but I still don't understand if this is true or false. I thought it was false.I'm sorry to be...

Spanish-I'm still confused-Please check my answer
I'm sorry but I'm really still confused.I think according to what you're saying, the answer is false, correct because if WE doesn't govern the adjective our but it is the house because it is feminine and singular, correct. But according to Mattricebowl,he said ...

Spanish-Sra JMcGin Please check my answer
I appreciate you checking this answer Thank you

Spanish-Please check my answer
This is true or false A possessive adjective is a descriptive word that tells whose something is I think this is false because the possessive adjective describes the noun and not the person who has possession of the item.

Spanish-8th grade-Sra JMcGin I'm Totally confused
Please help-I'm really confused Thank you

Spanish-8th grade-Totally confused
Could someone please help me-I'm totally confused on this. I have to say that the person has his/her/their own book or books in the following sentences 1.Yo tengo libro. 2.Ella tiene libros 3.Ellos tienen libro 4.Nosotros tenemos libro For 1, would I put mi 2. sus 3. don&#...

Geometry-7th grade
The diagonals of a rhombus ABCD intersect at point E. If the sides of BC is equal to x + 9 and side DC is equal to 5x-2, find x. How would I set this up-Please give me some direction

Determine the zeros of the function 3x^2 -8=10x. I know I rewrite it as 3x^2 -10x-8 = 0 But then what do I do-I'm totally confused-Answers are {-2,4} {2,4} {-2/3,4} {2/3,4} Please direct me or show the steps, just don't give me the answer because I still won't get ...

I'm suppose to tell at least one difference and one similarity-I have the similarity covered-what is the difference

I have a question-I need to compare Spanish nouns in the singular versus plural to English. I know to make it plural in Spanish- I add s to a noun ending in a vowel and es if it is a consonant but I don't know how to actually put the comparison between the two languages ...

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