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i think i figured it out i think it was suposed to mean HNO2 --> H30 + NNO2

HNO2(aq) € H3O+(aq) NO2–(aq) I 0.045 0 0 C -0.0043 +0.0043 +0.0043 E 0.0407 0.0043 0.0043

There is a symbol on my ICE chart that i cant figure out what it is and its the c with an = sign through it

what is this? i cant find it in my book or online and yet its on my ICE chart and have to fill out.......

Organic chemistry
Write equations for the reactions that occur. Put conditions and catalysts over the arrow. 1.CH3COOH + CH3(CH2)7OH 2.C6H14 + KMNO4 + H 3. CH3H12 + KMNO4 + H 4. CH3CHOHCH3 + KMNO4 + H 5. (CH3)3COH + KMNO4 + H 6. (CH3)2C=O + KMNO4 + H 7. CH3COOH + KMNO4 + H 8. How could you dist...

College Economics
How to find the multiplier? I've got the equilibrium GDP, but I can't find anything about the multiplier.

Economic DQ's
3. You have been hired by the government as an economic statistician and given the job of calculating the CPI (the chili price index, not the consumer price index). According to the government's official recipe, the ingredients for a batch of chili are: 3 pounds of hamburg...

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