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socail studies
7. "In 1831 Lowell was little more than a factory village. Several corporations were started, and the cotton-mills belonging to them were building. Help was in great demand; and stories were told all over the country of the new factory town, and the high wages that were o...

social studies
I cannot find anything. It's so frustrating I have been looking for two days now

social studies
Thank you mssue

social studies
what qualities did an africian american immigrant need in order to migrate to canada in the mid 1850 s I have to include in my answer The prior conditions of their home countries which required them to leave The obstacles/ challenges on their journey Their reception into Canada

Calculating acceleration science
Damon thank you so much for your help. It's great to have the answer and it makes total sense now. You must be a teacher... Thank you thank you thank you

Calculating acceleration science
A baseball picture who is standing 18.5 m from the batter throws a fastball moving at 40 m/s the batter swings contacts the ball for 0.03 and hits the ball straight back to the picture at 50 m/s. The velocities are constant Please show the work I want to learn. Thank you

What volume in liters would contain 5.30 x 10^24 molecules of hydrogen gas at STP?

What volume in liters would contain 5.30 x 1024 molecules of hydrogen gas at STP?

Calculate the density a gas will have at STP if its molar mass is 41.8 g/mol.

Two isosceles triangles have perimeters of 8 and 15 centimeters, respectively. They have the same base length, but the legs (the non base sides) of the larger triangle are twice as long as the legs of the smaller triangle. For each triangle, what is the length of a leg?

Please help this is a major grade Im beggin u!!!

What is the gulf war?

Methane has one carbon and by mass there are three grams of carbon for every gram of hydrogen. How many hydrogen atoms does methane molecule have show work

What is the stoichiometry of elements in c2h6

While following the directions on a treasure map, a pirate walks 24.3 m north, then turns and walks 4.3 m east. What is the magnitude of the single straight-line displacement that the pirate could have taken to reach the treasure? Answer in units of m

a student needed 1000 ml of a 0.10 buffer of ph 4.0. calculate the amount of sodium acetate and acidic acid needed for this solution

a bacterium ia able to survive boiling, frezing, and extremely dry environments by A. undergoing binary fission B. attaching itself to a host C. becoming an endospore D. going into the lysogenic cycle

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