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Estimate the change in energy when solid rubidium reacts with gaseous diatomic chlorine molecules. Express your answer in units of kJ/mole. Do not refer to the periodic table to solve this problem. The following data may be useful in your calculation: Madelung Constant: 1.763 ...

no it's not right

Titanium (Ti) can be produced by the reaction of metallic sodium (Na) with titanium tetrachloride vapor (TiCl4). The byproduct of this reaction is sodium chloride (NaCl). Calculate the amount of titanium produced (in kg) when a reactor is charged with 95.0 kg of TiCl4 and 10.0...

Pre cal
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Pre cal
find all zeros of x^4-5x^3+10^2-20x+24 (leave all irrational answers in radical form) i simply don't understand this question, i can find the rational value but never can i calculate how to find the irrational values nor the imaginary number values. what mistake am I makin...

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