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3 packs of buns and 4 packs of hot dogs. give the extra to the dog? because you cant just buy fractions of packs from a store if you open food they cant sell it to you. and chance it asks to explain your answer?

A 6840 N wrecking ball hangs from the end of a steel cable. What is the net force acting on the wrecking ball if the cable snaps? equation please and explain

3rd grade
289, 298, 829, 892, 928, 982

A catapult on a cliff launches a large round rock towards a ship on the ocean below. The rock leaves the catapult from a height H = 33.0 m above sea level, directed at an angle theta = 46.9° above the horizontal, and with a speed v = 33.7 m/s. Assuming that air friction ca...

For an interesting physics field trip, we visit Tahquamenon Falls in the Upper Peninsula. We measure the horizontal speed of the water at the top of the falls to be 3.98 m/s. How far vertically below the top edge of the falls does the velocity vector of the water point downwar...

Madhuri throws a stone the stone is thrown horizontally at 33.9 m/s from the top of a 297.9m cliff. 1.How high is the stone after 3.35 sec? 2.What is the range? equations to find please.

thank you sir/ma'am lol :] left my book n note card at school ...fail

A golf ball is driven, by Emilee, horizontally from an elevated tee with a velocity of 90.65 km/hr. It strikes the fairway 6.34 sec later. How far has it fallen vertically? and how did u find it please

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