February 27, 2017

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110 members of a sports club play at least one of the games, football, basketball and volleyball. If 20 play football and basketball only,15 play football and basketball only, 26 play basketball and volleyball only,x play all the three games, 2x each play only one game, how ...
March 28, 2015

October 24, 2014

Kwara Polytechnic:Information Communication Technology
With d use of microsoft wordt writeta letter 2 d present of ur nation explain 2 him d kind hardship u ar facing presently
October 6, 2011

Computer: Kwara polytechnic
With the uset of microsoft word write a letter to the present of your nation explain to him the kind hardship you are facing presently.
October 6, 2011

infential statistics
Though i have solve it thd mean is 8.5 after that i work the S.D out the problem is to show mean and S.D is equal to 0.493
May 11, 2011

infential statistics
Random of size 2 are taken from a finite population which consist of the measurement 6,7,8,9,10 and 11 A: show that mean and that its S.D is equal to 0.493
May 11, 2011

helping verbs also known as auxilliary verb.. Will..Must...kill and done
May 8, 2011

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