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An object floats on water with 84% of its volume below the surface. The same object when placed in another liquid floats on that liquid with 74% of its volume below the surface. Determine the density of the unknown fluid

Did I do this correctly?? Select the correctly written sentence in this group. A. Spending way too much money on his old car, Fred's salary just wasn't enough. B. Spending way too much money on his old car, Fred soon found he'd used up his salary. (my answer) Selec...

the sum of the magnitude of two forces acting at a point is 18 and the magnitude of their resultant is 12.if the resultant is at 90 degree with the force of the smaller magnitude, then their magnitudes are:

school of business
1.the committee consister of a businessman, a banker& lady lawer. 2.three people applied for the job, including two well-educated black woman.

Erosion will occur


a wheel revolves 360 degree revolution in one minute.Find how many radians will the wheel subtend in one second

a particle takes 6.28seconds to complete one revolution.its angular speed is


Gr 12 Chem
Given: N2 + 3H2 = 2NH3 + 92.5 KJ, what is the delta h of f for NH3?

why would you like to watch wildlife on television or visit the zoo?

Helium-oxygen mixtures are used by divers to avoid the bends and are used in medicine to treat some respiratory ailments. What percent (by moles) of is present in a helium-oxygen mixture having a density of 0.498 at 25 and 721 ?

An essay,describe and explain some of the ways in which you have changed.Since you started your present school and some of the ways in which your personality remains the same.

price of 5 litres of cooking oil is rs. 302.50. find the price of 1 litre cooking oil

Which of the statements about a knotted fringe is true A)the no of threads in a fringe is determined af the fringe is fastened to the garment B)the looped threads of a fringe aren't cut til after the threads are fastened to the garment C)the fringe is fastened to the edge ...

A suit with rounded lapels and shawl collar would work best on a woman with which type of bodyline A)straight B)soft-straight C)curved D)sharp straight I think that the correct answer is B.Need help

It doesnt mention the checks.Just talks about a houndstooth jacket

A houndstooth jacket would work well with which bodyline A)staight B)curved C)soft-straight D)soft-curved I think the answer would be either B or D

are yu saying the answer is D.Im thinking it shd be B as nylon frays easily

What fabric is not suitable for a french seam? A)cotton B)nylon C)lawn D)broadcloth Not sure if it is B or D

Two seams recommended for use when making underwear and baby clothes are a)french and run and fell b)open and french c)standing fell and overlaid d)whipped and flat fell I think the answer is a)

an oxygen tank contains 12.0 L at 25 degree C and 3 atms. After a 4 L canister of oxygen at 25 degree C and 3 atms is emptied into the storage tank, what will happen to the temperature and pressure of the tank to be?

I did answer your question.that was the way the question was worded.

The outer edges of a stand collar are a) larger b) 1/8inch smaller c)cut on the bias d) the same this is the way the question is worded and I think they refer to the neckline of the garment to which it is attached.I think the answer is either b or d

larger,smaller or the same as the neckline of the dress I think

forget to mention that i think the answer is D

The outer edges of a stand collar are A)larger B) 1/8 in.smaller C)cut on the bias D)the same

I think the answer is b)

Which type of fasteners becomes more secure when yu try to pull the garment pieces apart a)snap fasteners b)hook fasteners c)velcro d)zipper

I feel the answer is 1)because the waist needs to be strong as it fits the body closely and has to support the weight of the skirt or trousers and need interfacing to support it

the top of pants or skirt is finished with facing when a)extra strength is required at the waistline 2)its not possible to layer the fabric 3)a stay tape cant be used at the seams or 4)you dont want the waistband to be visible from the right side

A landscape architect is designing a triangular garden to fit in the corner of a lot. The corner of the lot forms an angle of 50°, and the sides of the garden including this angle are to be 12 feet and 14 feet, respectively. Find, to the nearest integer, the number of squa...

as many alterations as possible should be made A)after sewing a garment B)on the pattern pieces C)immediately after cutting D)following the markings on the pattern pieces Im not sure if B or D is correct

A circular pool has a diameter of 3m and is filled to a depth of 70 cm. Mr Thorpe climbs into the pool and submerges for ten seconds while his son measures the new depth at 72 cm. Calculate Mr Thorpe’s volume

Marketing 421
Hewlett-Packard sells personal computers through specialty computer stores, electronics superstores, and its own Internet site. The marketing mix variable that is being considered here is:


identify two things that were considerd deviant in the past but are not considerd deviant now

Advantages and Disadvantagges of VAT(Value Added Tax)

SHARES AND DIVIDENDS 1-introduction- 2-explain the terms -; Nominal value/face value, market value, rate of dividend, annual dividend, rate of income, rate of return, percentage yield, Demat, bullish, bearish. 3- Fill up an application form for shares with fictitious data. 4-n...

gravity on the surface of the moon is only 1/6 as strong as the gravity on earth. What is the weight of a 39kg on the earth?

i dont know and wat is the question dum i know the question butt wat answer stupid lol lol hahahhahahahahha

social studies
Ways to protect the monument Which monument? Not only do we need to know which monument, but it would be helpful if we know what you want to protect it from. Are you talking about weather damage, vandalism or some other source of damage? I hope this helps a little more. Thanks...

social studies
What is the neen to preserve and protect the monuments Which monuments? Are they old, beautiful, new, poorly made? what are the magial rivers in the regin?

The 12 Bar Blues is a chord sequence based on chords I, IV, and V. Complete this chord pattern below: I I ? ? IV ? I I V ? ? ? Here is the form in Blues... T T T T S S T T D S T T Where the T, S, and D refer to Tonic, Subdominate, and Dominate. Thank you so much!!!!! You are t...

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