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repartir 152 entre A,B,C de modo que la parte de B sea 8 menos que el duplo de la de A y 32 mas que la de C

the base of a triangle is the same as the height. what least whole number measurement for the triangle so that the area would be greater than144^2

A car travels 20.2 km due north and then 31.3 km in a direction φ = 61.2◦ west of north. Find the magnitude of the car’s resultant displacement. Then Calculate the direction of the car’s resultant displacement, measured counterclockwise from the northerly ...

Please help!!! im not sure what it is asking or how to answer it! In what situations would you use the mean to summarize a set of data? The median?

A Square Has A Side Length Of S . Write A Rule In Function Notation To Represent The Perimeter

yes it it. 0.15%

How many terms does a trinomial have?

math withpizzazzi book c pg.C-14and 13
what re the answe to these two mat riddles : whats wrong with getting a hair cut ? and what do you call it when a bunch of kids throw crayon and poster paint at ou

A pendulum is 1.0 m long and is drawn aside 30.0* and let go. Find the velocity at the lowest point.

keyboarding an word processing
a (Blank) is a form of written communication that is used primarily for internal communication

pre algebra
60 -(6/1 +40/8)

Why does NaCl dissolve in water but not in cooking oil? Thank you for explaining this.

I am figuring out how much KCL will dissolve in 50 grams of water at sixty degrees, based on a graph. According to the graph, 45 grams of KCL can dissolve at 60 degrees. So I subtracted 45 from 50, and got five. The thing is my book said the answer should be between somewhere ...

Why a match that has been lit will not re-light? please include the energy source in your answer.

1. Find values of a,b,c, and d such that g(x) = a(x^3)+b(x^2)+cx+d has a local maximum at (2,4) and a local minimum at (0,0) 2. Need someone to explain this. Graph a function f(x) for which: f(3)=f(5)=0 f'(x)<0 if x<4 f'(4)=0 f'(x)>0 if x>4 f"(x)&g...

I am unsure of how to take the derivative of this equation. It may be the exponents that are giving me trouble but I'm not sure exactly. Find the equation of the tangent line to the curve 4e^xy = 2x + y at point (0,4). On the left side, is the "xy" the exponent o...

Find the equation of the tangent to the graph of f(x)=2x^4 (to the power of 4) that has slope 1. Derivative is 8 x^3. This equals 1 at x = 1/2. At this point the y-coordinate is f(1/2) = 1/8. The equation of the tangent line is thus: 1/8 + 1*(x-1/2) = x - 3/8 Thank you for you...

Data Management
Stuck with 2 questions. Need of assistance before tomorrow. Question 1. A summer camp has seven 4.6m canoes, ten 5.0m canoes, four 5.2m canoes, and four 6.1m canoes. Canoes are assigned randomly for campers going on a canoe trip. a) Show the probability distribution for the le...

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