September 27, 2016

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Hard Riddles?
I need riddles to stump my friends >:<
January 26, 2015

math 6th grade
Well, if y=x, you replace the y with any number, but that number is also used in x.
December 4, 2012

Hg2+ + 2Cl- → HgCl Mercuric nitrate was standardized by titrating a solution containing 147.6 mg of NaCl(FM 58.44), which required 28.06 ml of Hg(No3)2 solution. Part a: Find the molarity of Hg(No3)2. I already calculated the molarity to be 0.04500 M Part b: When the ...
October 16, 2011

A mixture of BaCl2.2H2O (FM244.26) and K2SO4 (FM 174.26) is heated at 160C for an hour, causing the water molecules to leave. A sample originally weighing 2.0027 g weighed 1.9021 g after heating. Calculate the mass percent K2SO4 in the sample. In a previous practice example, I...
September 28, 2011

Consider a mixture of the two solids BaCl2.2H2O (FM 244.26) and KCl (FM 74.551). When the mixture is heated to 160C for 1 hour, the water of crystallization is drive off: BaCl2.2H2O --> BaCl2(s) + 2H2O(g) A sample originally weighing 1.7839g weighed 1.5623g after heating. ...
September 28, 2011

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