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two positive points charges of 15c and 13c are placed 12cm apart . find the work done in bringing the two charges 4cm closer.

For the whole office to be automated you need PC's/Laptop's then printer and scanner along with fax/photocopier. And to have them all automated you need some expert as well.

What is the firstletter of zinciferes ?

early childhood
A. Nuclear family B. single - parent family C. Extended family D. Dual- income family

IB HL Math
I need to that if there is better way to prove the following: I am trying to prove that x r = k and k is a multiple of x only when x is prime. I said that if x is non-prime, then: Let a = 6 Let r = 4 6! (6 – 4)! 4! = 3(2) x 5 x 4! (2!) 4! = 15 It is not divisible by 6 My ...

5th grade Geomentry
I am a location in space. it takes only one letter to name me.

Chemistry question
(103 x 10-6) ÷ 10-2

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