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Social Studies
thanks big freda!

Thank you dude! Means a lot x

iris plants to plant 3 different types of flowers in her garden, she has 5 different types of flower seeds to choose from. how many combinations of flowers are possible? I dont want the answer, I want to know how to solve it

The answers for this test are A B,D D I assure you these are the right answers, I just took the test and thought whoever needed the answers should know.

According to my calculator, -2^2 is equal to -4, I did this to another calculator, and google, but got the same answer. But, isn't -2^2 = -2*-2 = 4 according to negative multiplied by negative = positive? So which one should I follow?

Math! Pls Help!
Need a pic pleasee!

U4 connexus test answers
SomeRandomPerson Though you find the math questions not that difficult others might not feel the same. We're not like you and actually have a hard time when it comes to math so please be mindful of that smh.

Diameter of keck telescope, D= 10m and let Wavelength, ? = 5*10-7 m ? = Angular diffraction = 1.22(?/D) = 6.1*10-8 s = r*? (where ?=6.1*10-8 and s=3*10-3 m) r= 49180.32 m

Ms. Sue PLZ HELP!!!(science)
Definetly works and will still be in the right order. Don't hesitate!

I don't see 4, but regardless thanks for the help I would've been stuck on this test if you hadn't explained!

spanish | answers
1. D 2. D 3. B 4. B 5. A 6. B 7. C 8. C 9. A 10. C

Thanks, but some of y'all need jesus

child care
A child who complains of headache and sleepiness after coloring is suffering from what condition?



8th grade math
I don't get this but this isint 8th grade math its 7th grade

If it takes 6 minutes to travel from Point A to Point B at a constant speed of 60 miles per hour, how many minutes does it take to travel the same route from point A to point B a constant speed of 50 miles per hour? I need an equation and a thorough/ clear explanation on how ...


2700 gram

Serw and Gabby are correct. 9.42% (m/v) glucose is crenation as well.

organic chemistry
can someone please explain how to indicate where a label appears in a product? for example: where the label appears in the patheway 2-[14C]-Glycine --> AMP

can someone please explain how to indicate where a label appears in a product? for example: where the label appears in 2-[14C]-Glycine --> AMP

simplify: (2±√x)/(2-√x)

A human gene carries a certain disease from the mother to the child with a probability rate of 53%. That is, there is a 53% chance that the child becomes infected with the disease. Suppose a female carrier of the gene has three children. Assume that the infections of the three...

Euler's polyhedral formula: V+F-E = 2 V=number of vertices F=number of faces E=number of edges A right pentagonal prism V-E+F = 2 10-15+7 = 2

a=v^2/r =4.8^2/16 =23.04/16 a=1.44

what was the role of women during the roman times??????

When graphing motion the steepness of the slope depends on

CHEM Help!
My homework is about translating word equations and I need help in answering this question. Sodium phosphate reacts with calcium nitrate to produce sodium nitrate and calcium phosphate. What would be the answer? I also need help with this other question because it is kind of ...

please help factor prime expression 4k^2+20k+25 16e^2-4 thank you thank you

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