November 27, 2014

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For the following arguments, a) Translate into standard form (if not already in standard form), b) symbolize to simplify, and then c) determine whether the syllogisms are valid or invalid, explaining why by reference to rules, AND by showing the appropriate Venn diagram: Arg ...
December 12, 2006

Describe commonly accepted criteria for establishing the credibility of premises (claims).
December 12, 2006

Use the diagramming method for identifying the argument structure of the following: "The Democrats tend to be to the left on social policy, and the new Congress is controlled by the Democrats, so we can expect a swing to the left. Of course, there are always exceptions.&...
December 12, 2006

Give an example of a truth-functional syllogism.
December 12, 2006

From reading a paragraph, I gathered following facts. Bills and coins outside the bank: 175 Checkable deposits 418 savings and time deposits 1782 currency inside bank 28 central bank deposit 186. so.. the banks reserve is 186+28=214 monetary base: 186 + 175 = 361 M1: 418 + 175...
November 29, 2006

The First Student Bank has the following balance sheet (in millions of dollars)
November 28, 2006

f(x)=x-1 and g(x)=2x Perform the indicated and state the domain f(x)/g(x) If 2x is in the denominator, then x cannot be equal to zero, so that is excluded from the domain.
November 4, 2006

In a survey 200 people were asked what they liked to do the most.Whats percent about? If 150 people said they liked to swim, then the percent of those who enjoyed swimming would be (150/200*100 = ?? percent. Those who liked to do something other than swimming would be (50/150...
October 23, 2006

Social Studies
Where can I find information on the lifestyles in the Southeastern U.S. in 1906? This article has some information.
October 23, 2006

Using Dimensional analysis, how do you set up a problem to find the density when given mass and volume? Suppose the mass of an object is 40 grams and the volume is 20 mL. Density has units of grams/mL. Then density = 40 g/20 mL = 2 g/mL. If this isn't exactly what you were...
August 21, 2006

orientalism of muslim and arab american
Thanks for all of the information...I am glad to know that I am not the only one struggling to understand UOP's reading materials :D
August 6, 2006

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