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Which of the following is an example of a ratio? number of dogs who like Good boy treats number of chocalates per bag number of people who like math all of the above Please help

Think of a recently completed group project that you have been involved in. This project may have been a student project, a group project, or an extracurricular project. Briefly describe the situation and choose one of the following to post on the discussion board: Analyze how...

a pallelagram?

Is 20.0 mL of 1.0M CH3COOH and 10.0mL of 1.0 M NaOH a buffer solution of 3?

floral designing
what kind of container do you need for a Hogarth arrangement?

a jar contain 8 blue blocks 4 red ,9 orange and 4 green ones. About what fraction of the time would you expect to pull out a blue block?

math (advanced alg and trig)
Solve to the nearest minute: x is greater than or equal to 0 and less than 360. 3sec^2 x-8tan-6=cotx

Prove that tan4x=(4tanx-tan^3x)/(1-6tan^2 x+tan^4 x) *note: the exponents are just numbers. there are no variables in the exponents.

You have to make sure that each ELEMENT has the same number of atoms on each side of the equation. so treat polyatomics like they are separate elements. if you have say, SO4 on one side, you have to make sure that there are 4 oxygen atoms and one sulfur atom on the other side ...

first solve each like they have an equal sign: 4>-2x+3 -3 -3 1>-2x -1/2<x (when you divide by a negative # in an inequality, you change a less than to a greater than or visa-versa) 12<-2x+5 -5 -5 7<-2x -7/2>x (same thing) hope that helped

the formula for midrange is M=(maxX-minX)/2 (i think) so it'd be M= (28-6)/2 M=(22)/2 M=11

college chemistry - answer check ASAP!
The corrosion of iron can be thought of as an electrochemical cell reaction. Calculate the voltage difference between two points of corroding iron differing only in their partial pressures of oxygen: 0.20 atm of oxygen at one point and 0.0010 atm of oxygen at the other. The r...

A security analyst specializing in the stocks of the motion picture industry the relation between the number of movie theater tickets sold in December and the annual level of earnings in the motion picture industry. Time-series data for the last 15 years are used to estimate t...

Give the cell diagram notation of the electrochemical cell that could be used to determine experimentally the dissociation constant (Kw) of water. The standard reduction potential for: O2 + 2H20 + 4e- ---------> 4 OH- 0.40 V

Homw many grams of copper sulfate pentahydrate (CuSo4 5H2O) would you heat to produce 29.8 g of water?

Which of the following is correctly capatalized? (a Sincerely Yours (b Anatomy And Physiology (c Dear Mr. Welby (d Ladies and gentlemen

There are 100 marbles in a bag. 200people are asked to draw a ball. Each marble drawn is put back into the bag before the next draw. 7 people draw red color marbles. How many red marbles are there in the bag?

how would u factor ab (to the 2nd power) - b

If 6 J of work are needed to stretch a spring from 12 cm to 13 cm and 10 J are needed to stretch it from 13 cm to 14 cm, what is the natural length L of the spring?

Use the method of cylindrical shells to find the volume V generated by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the y-axis. Y = 3/X, Y = 0, X =5, X = 2

If you are using the Internet and Web resources for a business publication, under which conditions is it not necessary to include a citation?

What's a good TITLE for a play about a girl who acts so depressed because of a mothers death and a friend who helps her out in the end realize she can move on??!! Please I'm stuck, I want something creative! Any ideas??!!

I have to write a 10 minute play in English on a topic of my choosing. I'm in High School and I need a couple of ideas. I'm pretty good when it comes to writing, it just takes me a while to come up with a topic. I was thinking maybe something funny, dramatic, or a myst...

Describe the path of a moving body whose acceleration is constant in magnitude at all times and is perpendicular to the velocity.

Thank you for all your help Ms. Sue. :)

Wait so is it: 5. Four years later, Rudolf achieved her greatest personal triumph, three gold medals in a single Olympics. *ANSWER* AP=three gold medals in a single Olympics WM=triumph

I need help making sure I rewrote the following sentences correctly while including the appositive or appositive phrase. I made corrections. Are they right? 1. The Olympic athlete also overcame polio. (Ray Ewry) ANSWER= Ray Ewry, the Olympic athlete, also overcame polio. 2. Ew...

I need to check my answers. The assignment was to write the appositives and appositive phrases in the following sentences, along with the words they rename or identify. Are these Correct? 3. A basketball star at age 13, she was known for her speed. *ANSWER* AP=A basketball sta...

I need help making sure I rewrote the following sentences correctly while including the appositive or appositive phrase. 1. The Olympic athlete also overcame polio. (Ray Ewry) ANSWER= Ray Ewry, the Olympic athlete also overcame polio. 2. Ewry competed in the standing high jum...

I need to check my answers. The assignment was to write the appositives and appositive phrases in the following sentences, along with the words they rename or identify. 1. Wilma Rudolph, another champion sprinter, also overcame a disability. *ANSWER* AP=another champion sprint...

What are two autotrphs that don't use sunlight? How might these organisms provide clues to exterrestrial life?

Thanks so much!

Sorry for pestering you on this but I really appreciate your help. The way I first did the equation, I had too many products. My question is when I do these should the products only be in the form of either a)CO and H2O or B)C and H2O? So if I set up the products to have eithe...

Thanks. Is there any way to tackle these incomplete combustion equations, any form to follow? I'd really appreciate it since I'm clearly on the wrong track.

I have a question about incomplete combustions. I think that you can have carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water and carbon or some combination of these in the products of incomplete combustions. Is this right? For Pentane, would it be correct to show one possible equation as ...

The average of 2 numbers is 34. The first number is three times the second number. what are the two numbers?

I need examples of each of the seven crystalline systems.

basic chem
so does that mean that S can have a net ionic charge of +4 as well as -2?

basic chem
Oxygen has a charge of -2 Sulfur has a charge of -2 My product in a equation is S02 but how is this possible is they both have the same charge? because now the S has a charge of -2 and the O of -4

its in south asia

Xmin=-10 Zmax=10 Xscl=1 Ymin=-10 Ymax=10 Yscl=1

sorry i messed up ou have to multiply the seven too

multiply each side by 6, which wuill cancel out the 6 on the left side of the equation, and on the left you will multiply 2/3 and 6, giving you 4. now you have m-7=4 add 7 to both sides, giving you m=11

math analysis
Go to Y= and type in your f(x)= and go to second, graoh and look for the zero in the y1 column


AP chemistry
Sodium azide, the explosive chemical used in atuomobile airbags, is made by the following reactions: NaNO3 + 3NaNH2 => NaN3 + 3NaOH+ NH3 If you combine 15,0 g of NaNO3 (85 g/mol) with 15.0 g of NaNH3, what mass of NaN3 is produced?

I don't understand what you mean by the commas v=(0,-590)?

An airplane is heading due south at a speed of 590km/h. If a wind begins blowing from the southwest at a speed of 65.0km/h (average). Calculate magnitude of the plane's velocity, relative to the ground. Calculate direction of the plane's velocity, relative to the groun...

A boat, whose speed in still water is 2.80m/s , must cross a 280m wide river and arrive at a point 120m upstream from where it starts. To do so, the pilot must head the boat at a 45.0 degrees upstream angle. What is the speed of the river's current?

the trees bent in the wind.(and) their leaves fluttered. need to join these sentences together by using and

home economics
name 12 careers in home economic management

Math (pls help)
write the number in expanded form. 1) 46,182 2) 20, 397

foreign language
How do I translate this poem into English (it's in portuguese)? Eu queria você perto de mim Queria poder abraçar com todo meu carinho A gente se encontra apenas nos sonhos Por que a gente é tão feliz nos sonhos? Sempre vejo a gente sorrindo, se ...

Finite Math
Use the formula m=(y2-y1)/(x2-x1)

our class was given an extra credit assignment where we have to design a mobile that has both the net forces and torques = 0. i have all of the masses know i just don't know how to find radii. no two masses can be in the same position nor can they be at the center of mass....

budgets and forcasting
How are budgeting systems used to weigh the efficiency and effectiveness of a health and human service agency? Why is this important?

financial management
What is the basic accounting formula?

I need help finding metaphors and assonances in 5 poems? I Played a Game I played a game. I rode my bike. I had a snack. I took a hike. I read a book. I watched T.V. I built a fort. I climbed a tree. I surfed the web. I played guitar. I caught a bug inside a jar. I called my f...

I have two questions about finding the slope of a line. First question: Is the formula Y2-Y1 over X2-X1? Second question: When I am given a line on a graph, how do I find Y1, Y2, X1, X2 to use in finding the slope?

Every balanced equation is written so BLANK is/are conserved atoms mass a and b None of the above I thought the answer would be matter, but that's not an option. What would it be then? Thanks!

1) I heard him say that... Please explain the grammar rules for "say" (present tense) after the word "heard". 2) A Economic Development Board survey... Why is it "a" not "an"? Is it because it is "a survey"? 3) A historic momen...

We say that an ionic bond is the electrostatic force of attraction between oppositely charged ions. What does electrostatic mean?

Is sulphuric acid covalent? Please explain. Thanks.

I am rather confused. Is sand considered a mixture or a compound? Some have said it is a compound because it is silicon dioxide. Others have said it is a mixture because it is impure silicon dioxide. So...?

What is the chemical equation for the reaction between iron and sulphur to produce iron sulphide? Do we write sulphur as S or S8?

Do potato cells have chloroplasts?

The most serious type of allergic reaction? a.atrial fibrillation b.psoriasis c.anaphylaxis d.lupus

Chemistry-please help
Can calcium react with chlorine gas to give calcium chloride?

chi square for independence 1) my obtained value does not exceed the critical value, I will reject the alternate and accept the null. Do I state that the results is due to chance and there is no relationship between the variables.

I read in a book that gas particles move rapidly in all directions. Somehow I find that random directions is better.The word "all" sounds a bit weird. What do you think?

Chemistry-help needed
1) Does Alumnium react with steam to give metal oxide and hydrogen gas? 2) Does Aluminium react with dilute hydrochloric acid? What are the products? 3) Will Tin react with dilute hydrochloric acid to give tin(II)chloride and hydrogen gas?

"Blow up a balloon and tie it up. Leave it for a few days. After a few days, the balloon becomes smaller.Why?" The answer given is that the air particles diffuse out of the balloon. Can you please explain the answer? I understand that diffusion involves particles mov...

For diatomic molecule, must the 2 atoms be of the same element, e.g H2?Is CO a diatomic molecule?

1) Instead of using the word "random",is it acceptable to say particles in a liquid move about in "different" directions? 2) Why does ice have a higher density than water vapour? Is it because ice has a greater mass in a fixed volume? 3) The statement "...

1)Fill in the blanks. In a liquid, particles are _____arranged. They move about in ____ directions and slide over one another. Can I say "irregularly" & "any" as the answers? I know "random directions" is better, but can we accept "any direct...

thank you.

In an atom, there is a force that holds the protons & neutrons in the nucleus. Is this force called the nuclear force? What about the force of attraction between the nucleus and electrons? Is is called the electrostatic force of attraction?

If you look at the Periodic Table,you will see chlorine with a relative atomic mass of 35.5. That means the average mass of a chlorine atom found in nature is ________?

Home School. PLEASE HELP ME!!
4. is A its on page 36

I was wondering if anybody could please tell me what I need to do I went to work on my power point project and when I turned on my computer a lot of my icons were missing such as my excel power point microsoft office 2007 my documents pictures my back ground ( wall paper is go...

What are the differences between a motor and a generator? I know they both use electromagnets, but how do they use them differently?

If the current in a wire is 0.1A, how long will it take for 10C of charge to pass through it?

natural logs
can't use a graphing calculator (not allowed). I'm trying to find the area between curves, if that helps.

natural logs
Solve for x: ln(x+1)+ 2 = x^2 – 8x + 12

African and Hispanic Studies
What is Jim Cummins' "Intervention Model" all about. Present the elements of this model and in your opinion, can it be successful in reversing the history of failure the Puerto Rican children have experienced in the American schools? Illustrate some of the elemen...

a 15g bullet strikes and becomes embedded in a 1.1kg block of wood placed on a surface in front of the gun. if the coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the surface is 0.25 and the impact drives the block a distance of 95m before it comes to rest, what was the ...

I got that A was Cl2 and B was CH2 but i do not understand how to get the grams of C produced, i am confused at this point.

no i did identify compounds A and B i just do not understand how to do part a

Use the following information to identify element A and come pound B, then answer questions a and b. An empty glass container has a mass of 658.572 g. It has a mass of 659.452 g after it has been filled with nitrogen gas at a pressure of 790. torr and a temperature of 15°C...

5th grade
There are 7 girls in a bus. Each girl has 7 backpacks. In each backpack, there are 7 big cats. For every big cat there are 7 little cats. Question: How many legs are there in the bus?


Hi, This is one of my chem hw problems. Does anyone have links to websites that might help me solve this..or equations? It sounds like there are two parts to the question but I'm not sure. Volts and Joules? 1. Electrons are used to determine the structure of crystal surfac...

math help
Is it supposed to be 5 square root of (x ^7 and y^4)? It should be 5 then you expand everything in the sqroot to be (x x x x x x x y y y y) Then take out for every two of each letter, make it one whole one..... so you get 5 x^3 y^2 squareroot (x) I think that's what it mea...

algebra 2
You should just subtract it as that .... -6 sqroot 7

Thank you for helping me.

How many times has the U.S Constitution been altered over the past 200 years?

1. The half-life for the (first-order) radioactive decay of 14C is 5730 yr (it emits a β ray with an energy of 0.16 MeV). An archaeological sample contained wood that had only 72 percent of the 14C found in living trees. What is its age? I got 500years? 2. The temperatur...

Hi! I'm having lots of trouble figuring these two out.....if you could help that would be great- thanks!! 1. The half-life for the (first-order) radioactive decay of 14C is 5730 yr (it emits a β ray with an energy of 0.16 MeV). An archaeological sample contained wood ...

Physics: Non uniform motion
thanks! but what do i do when the time isnt given like in the first question?

Physics: Non uniform motion
I have not done much physics before: I don't get how to do questions that deal with what happened in a particular SECOND So questions like: - A stone which is dropped from rest into a mine shaft falls a distance of 24.5 m DURING THE LAST SECOND. Find depth of the shaft or...

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