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Lesson Plan on What Makes Us Grow
need some ideal to do my lesson plan about what makes us grow in health unit

Quincey Jones had a berry aneurysm - not a beri aneurysm didn't he?

Just checking an answer... I was given Aluminum + Sulfur yields.. & I was to finish & balance & answer the questions. 2Al + 3S => Al2S3 If 1 mole of sulur reacts, how many moles of aluminum sulife are produced? .166 mol Al2S3 How many grams of aluminum sulfide is this? 24.9 g

researching bilingualism in education and politics in the United States find Also find 4 website to support you ariticle

Do the following calculations, and write the answers with the correct number of significant figures. (a) 15.45 m 8.21 m

I don't know how to draw or do this. A plane 5 cm from the center of a sphere intersects the sphere in a circle with diameter of 24 cm. Find the diameter of the sphere.

write at least one important fact each person listed. Constine: Crusades: John Wycliffe:

i left my book at school and in study hall i used someone's book and 4gotmy book 4 home work do you think you can help me

Sue is new to working in a hospital kitchen. Her job is to prepare the food trays for the patients. She does not understand spoken or written English. How can her supervisor give her written instructions to better understand the mealtime menu?

What is Arsenic's natural state?

The force of gravity pulling on an object down a hill is its weight multiplied by the sine of the angle of elevation of the hill. With how many pounds of force is gravity pulling on a 3000 lb car on a hill will a 3 degree angle of elevation? What i did: SIN3=.0523 .0523*3000 =...

yes thats the answer i got drwls thanks the m km messed me up =]

THATS WHY I COULDN'T GET THE RIGHT ANSWER! i didn't convert the meters! thank you

A road 1.6 km long rises 400 m. What is the angle of elevation of the road? I don't known which numbers go to which sides. I can do the rest once I can label the triangle. Thanks!

well this is what i did can someone tell me what i did wrong: tanx= 5/2 since diagonals of a parallelogram bisect each other x= 68 and the other angle would be 22 the angles of the rhombus would be 136 and 44 because the diagonals of a rhombus bisect the angles

A rhombus has diagonals of length 4 and 10. Find the angles of the rhombus to the nearest degree. would the angles be 136 and 44?

sorry one more question. so... a road climbs at an 8 degree angle with the horizontal. what is the grade of the road? the answer would be 5?

nevermind my calculator was being stupid. thanks

how did u get the 4?

The grade of a road is 7%. What angle does the road make with the horizontal? I'm confused!! What is the grade of a road? Thanks for the help!

one last one, so sorry! thanks so much! how would I test the series for convergence or divergence? the series from n=1 to infinity of 1/(arctan(2n))

How would I test this series for convergence of divergence? the series from n=0 to infinity of sin(2^(-n))

how would I test this series for convergence of divergence? the series from n=0 to infinity of (n^2+1)/(n^3+1)

Physics help please
Don't know

why would you add (8^2 + 15^2)

The diagonals of a rhombus have lenghts 16 and 30. Find the perimeter of the rhombus.

essay (the american dream)
i need to write an essay and make three points about how the american dream is unattainable. so far i've got: advertising, problems with upward mobility, and that the dream is always changing. any other suggestions?

French Please Help!!!
Utilisez la forme correcte du verbe indique. Apres le match, nous parlons (parler) de nos activites du dimanche. Les parents de Sarah ne dejeunent (dejeuner) jamais au restaurant le dimanche. Le vendredi soir, mes amis et moi, nous dansons jusqu'a 2 heures du matin! Le soi...

if u dont know, then can u look up some websites for me? what happens if u swallow 1 tsp,1 1/2 tsp, and 2 tsp of baking soda mixed with some water? what happens if u swallow 1 tsp,1 1/2 tsp, and 2 tsp of soap mixed with some water? what happens if u swallow 1 tsp,1 1/2 tsp, an...

ap chem
the decomposition of (CH3)2O has a rate constant of 6.8x10^-4 s^-1. the initial pressure is 135 torr, what is the partial pressure after 1420s? i don't have the slightest idea on how to solve this.

What would happen if I omitted adding Gram's Iodine in the Gram Stain procedure?

1.92g sample of hydrogen peroxide solution generates 37.8mL O2 at 759 torr and 35 C. What is the percent strength of the peroxide solution? how would you solve this problem and which equations would you use?

If you are getting 270X magnification with a 45X objective, what would be the power of the eyepiece?

us history
i'm supposed to find a candidate from this election that is similar to t. roosevelt b/c of similarities in domestic and foreign policies. i've searched all the candidates policies but i can't seem to find one that fits roosevelt's. any suggestions?

world history
how did the peace treaties both follow and violate Wilson principle of self-determination?

world history
describe conditions in Europe after World War I. the total of death, the cost of the war, homes,farm,factories, roads churches had been shelled into rubble.

world history
Describe the conditions in Europe after World War I.

the 4X4 square represents 1/4 of a whole shape. create three possible whole shapes. justify how u know that each new shape is one whole.

1. CH3C(CH3)=C(CH3)CH3 2. CH3C(triple bond)CCH(C2H5)CH2CH3 3. CH3CH2C(CH3)2CH2CH2CH(CH3)CH2CH2CH3 4. CH3CH2CH(C2H5)CH(C3H7)CH2CH2CH3 5. CH3CH2CHOHCH2CH2CH2CH2CH3 6. CH3C(CH3)=CHCH2CH3 7. CH2=CHCH2CH2CH(CH3)CH3 8. CH3C(CH3)2CH2CH(CH3)CH(CH3)CH3 9. CH3CH2COOH 10. CH3C(triple bon...

i think you would not circle lunchroom

i think you would not circle lunchroom

cet ete means this summer. l'ete means the summer. any time you see l'- it means the. so when you are talking about 'the summer' use l'ete. (for example: pendent l'ete- during THE summer) whenever you are saying 'this summer' use cet ete. (for e...

If you react them together, they create a salt. This reaction is called neutralization. HCl + NaOH --- NaCl + water

Write the slope-intercept form for a line - Y=mx + b substitute the numbers for slope and x and y into your equation to find b 5=3/5(0) + b Then rewrite the standard equation leaving in the x and y letters but substituting the 3/5 for m and the value you found for b. Then solv...

2 points make a line.

Science Fair
I know that clay adsorbs heavy metals such as lead. How can I pull the lead back off of the clay so that it will percipitate with KI?

Let x = the number of tens 10x= the value of the tens x+150 = the number of ones and the value 10x+x+150=6750 11x=6600 x=600 10's and 750 1's

Social Studies

I want to know that if we have a set of data and we have to conclude if it is Da Vinci Theorom how do we know if it is or not . what do we need to de in order to conclude thankyou

SCI 275
In your own words, include descriptions of two 1996 award winners, discussing how they overcame one of the challenges mentioned in your presentation. My teacher gave me some links to read about some organizations in the 1996 awards, but when I read them there was nothing there...

I know some sites, but I can't type in an address, this website doesn't allow me to unless you get approval and that will take a while.

A salutary climate is quite nice.

no huge much alot

What is around edges of the Pacific Ocean?

why are fossil fuels fond buried under rock

Financial Management

graphs of horse heroes

can you find a problem for me plesea

Honors Algebra II
Solve this equation. [2x 3 3z]=[5 3y 9]

i need a sample lesson plan for what makes us grow with 15 childrens objectives, material,learning activites

Public finance
Please help me understand the problem provided below and suggest a solution. I thank you for your time and cooperation. Consider a public goods problem in which each person has the same income M and preferences as given by Uj=ln(g1+...+gN)+3ln(Cj) Assume for simplicity that th...

Algebra 1
The difference of two numbers is 20. The second is 4 less than 3 times the first. What are the two numbers

pigskin geography
u might love it but I HATE IT!

Algebra 1 HELP!
x+5/8+3x/4=2/3+5x Please show how you got the answer!

Algebra 1

Algebra 1

Algebra 1
How to solve multistep equations with fraction involved?

Infant and toddler
Keeping in mind that productive play is the pathway to learning for preschool-age children,what interesting materials and experiences might promote cognitive and language growth?( Including activities that promote literacy development)

Help me choose a book?
high school comprtence test

Math- Linear Equations
Just need some help setting this problem up... A total of &5000 is invested in two accounts. One pays 5% annual interest and the other 7%. If the interest at the end of the first year is $325, how much was invested in each account? Thanks so much!

10^10 - 10^2

Not sure if this is what you want... 1) x^2 2) C=2pieR, A= pieR^2 Standard Eq. ~ (x-h)^2 + (y-k) ^2 =r^2 3) A= pieAB, P= 2a+2b Don't have my notes on the rest, sorry

name the chemical process that occurs within the mitochondria of all plant and animals cells?

Every year of a dog's life is worth 1 year of a human's life. If Rusty was a human, she would be twice the age of her owner, Mario. If Mario was a dog, he would be six years younger than Rusty. How old is Rusty?

Jenolan Caves, discovered by Europeans in 1838, is one of the premier tourist attractions of New South Wales, located 182 km west of Sydney, in the Main Dividing Range. The caves are developed in the northern and southern sides of a natural bridge (The Grand Archway) in folded...

Ancient Romans built latrines over running water to carry off wastes to the Tiber River. They developed the art of plumbing and constructed underground sewers made of lead, earthenware, or stone. During the Middle Ages, people in the British isles used chamber pots made of gla...

Social Studies
What is the key to understanding other societies?


its a strange sentence but gramatically correct

study skills
what is the persistence triangle? This website discusses a persistance triangle and shows a clear diagram of it. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is a pdf file to download that will tell you all about the &q...

write down equations with integral coefficients having roots;(1/2,4). (x-1/2)(x-4)=0 multiply it out.

Can someone show me the steps to solve this problems.. 18s^2 + 72s = 0 and x^3 - 5x^2 - 66x = 0 18s^2 + 72s = 0 18s*(s + 4)=0 set both terms equal to zero. x^3 - 5x^2 - 66x = 0 x*(x^2 - 5x - 66 )= 0 factor the second term (11,6)

Chemistry equation balancing
I have to balance the following equation using the lowest number of coefficients CH4 + NH3 + O2 -- HCN + H2O I can get N,C and O to balance as follows CH4 + NH3 + O2 -- HCN + 2H2O I can get H,C and N to balance as follows CH4 + NH3 + 2O2 -- HCN + 3H2O I just can't seem to ...

hormones in the human body and how they work? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "human hormones" to get these possible sources:

Is lithium hydroxide a strong or weak base? It is 100% ionized so, by definition, it is a strong base. Try looking up Kb for LiOH in a set of tables. It won't be there, further proof that it is not a weak base. thank you!

-3/[(5/x)+y] Can someone please tell me how one goes about simplifying this? Multiply numerator and denominator by x. would the answer be -3x/5+y? No. YOu forgot to multpy the y by x, it would have an xy in the denominator. gotcha thanks

How would you say "if we buy" in french? I looked it up in my dictionary but I didn't get it. "Si nous achetons" means "if we buy"... just add on the rest! ^_^ I think acheter (to buy) should be in the subjunctive tense -- Si nous acheterions ...

chem-speed at STP
b] ammonia

d=300 m

hey im doing analogies... and i need help on some of them Seatbelts : Cars:: a)filters:coffee machines b)oven:stove c)radio:sound waves d)color:paper e)bricks:contruction and i thought A would fit into the seatbelts and cars but whats a sentence that i can use to show that the...

how do you convert 2pie radians per min. to miles per hour? You cant, unless you have some way of relating the angle to distance. If this is circular motion, you need the radius.

how would u solve this: 2sin(x)-1=0 exact step to solving would be nice thanx Add one to both sides and divinde both sides by 2. sin x = 1/2 Now look up the angle that has a sine of 1/2. That's the answer what is a derpeciation expense The word derpeciation does not exist....

Foreign Language- Spanish
Hello, I just finished a couple of quizzes regarding nosotros commands (I have a quiz tomorrow on them) As I was completing the quiz, I noticed I got this incorrect: In context: "Vamos a decirlo" Therefore I changed it to digámoslo. However, a grammatical text...

Short translation Spanish
How would you say, 'that is just a fraction of many representations.' (an idiomatic expression yet again) Last post! Sorry and thank you so much for helping me on this oral. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. "Eso es no más que una fracci...

Spnaish- Translation
Hi, I am trying to translate "It is still an everyday struggle to compete in this male dominated world, but there are many women who are defying adversity." Is this accurate: Es una problema para hoy a competir en este mundo de hombres, pero hay mujeres quien estan e...

Which of the following does not function is suspension feeding? This makes no sense. I am not sure what you are asking, since you did not indicate what is "following." I searched Google under the key words "suspension feeding" to get these possible sources:...

physiology (nernst equation)
If cell depolarises at +50mV, what are the concentrations of K+? I am really confused how to use the nernst equation to get the concentrations. If I set up 58 [Kout]/[Kin] = 50, will that be right? I am not sure how to start this problem.

as a cell prepares to divide ,a dna molecule and its associated proteins

In a television set, electrons are accelerated from rest through a potential difference of 18 kV. The electrons then pass through a 0.34 T magnetic field that deflects them to the appropriate spot on the screen. Find the magnitude of the maximum magnetic force that an electron...

One component of a magnetic field has a magnitude of 0.046 T and points along the +x axis, while the other component has a magnitude of 0.066 T and points along the -y axis. A particle carrying a charge of +7.50*10^-5 C is moving along the +z axis at a speed of 3.20*10^3 m/s. ...

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