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#sons = h #daughters = d brothers = b sisters = s h = b+s d = h/2 so if you have one daughter you have two sons and so on so forth because the daughters only equal half of the sons.

confirmation of multiple choice questions biology
1. The net gain of ATP after glycolysis is .. A) two B) four C) 34 D) 36 I think it's A. 2. During photosynthesis water .. A) is made B) breaks down C) is not necessary I put B. 3. The most immediate effect of chloroplasts with non-functioning thylakoids is that .. A) gluc...

biology - confirmation of true / false answers
1) A product of yeast fermentation is LACTIC ACID. False 2) To begin glycolysis, FOUR ATP molecules are needed. False 3) Anaerobic respiration takes place in the CYTOSOL. True 4) Glucose enters the cell by FACILITATED DIFFUSION. True 5) If an animal cell is denied oxygen gas, ...


biology - true or false
1) The dark reaction (Calvin cycle) will not take place in the presence of light. 2) If the concentration of carbon dioxide increases, chances are photosynthesis will plateua if there is an insufficient amount of light.

Another Ion Question
ION // F- IONS OUTSIDE CELL // 19,000 IONS INSIDE CELL // 20,000 Why would this ion leave the cell? Explain please.

Ions, Ions
ION // H+ IONS OUTSIDE THE CELL // 2,000 IONS INSIDE THE CELL // 10 Will this ion enter or leave the cell? Explain why.

i got $47.34

Collage Algebra
A picture frame has a total perimeter of 2 meters. The height of the frame is 0.62 times its width. (a) Write the height in terms of the width and write an equation for the perimeter in terms of the width. I know that the height would be h=0.62w but I don't know how to set...

Federal Tax II
Perry organized Cardinal Corporation 10 years ago by contributing property worth $2 million, basis of $450,000 for 2,500 shares of stock in Cardinal, representing 100% of the stock in the corporation. Perry later gave each of his children, Brittany and Julie, 750 shares of sto...

I'm writing a paper on comparing and contrasting the emotional characteristics of Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice and Jane from Jane Eyre, and need help with my thesis. My working thesis is: Elizabeth Bennett and Jane Eyre tend to let subconscious feelings rule their ac...

environmental science

The height h in feet of an object after t seconds is given by the function h=-16t^2+70t+5. How long will it take the object to hit the ground? Round your answer to the nearest thousandth. If that is the function, you need to have a value for the height to find the time. I hope...

The U.S. population in 1990 was approximately 250 million, and the average growth rate for the past 30 years gives a doubling time of 66 years. The above formula for the United States then becomes P (in millions)= 250 x 2( y-1990)/66 1.What was the approximate population of th...

In a game, a player tosses a coin 4 times. If the player gets 3 or 4 heads, he/she wins. What is the theoretical probability of winning this game? I just need to know the outcomes. I don't know how to get them. Please and Thank you. Coin 1: 50% Heads Coin 2: 50% Heads Coin...

chem. Combined Gas laws
(2.3 * 17) * 350 = 13685 299 * 1.5 = 448.5 13685 / 448.5 = 30.5 v2 = 30.5L

chem. Combined Gas laws
(2.3 * 17) * 350 = 13685 299 * 1.5 = 448.5 13685 / 448.5 = 30.5 v2 = 30.5L

key contributors to Christianity's impact on philosophy Here are many places within Jiskha where this question has already been addressed: =) Hi Angela! There's a lot to this. A line is hard t...

Math--- Question
if something cost $4.17 and serves 7 meals .if you round to the nearest cent what would be the cost of serving

The kinetic energy of a particle of mass m is found by taking one half of the product of the mass and the square of the velocity. Write an expression for the knetic energy of a particle. KE=.5mv^2

I have a project, how can I make a marble stay inside a shoebox for a long time ,and it has to be in movement use a machine that can keep the box moving so the marble will stay moving. whatever you do, make sure that the top is on the shoebox and that there are no holes in the...

Algebra 2
Find a real plynomial equation with real coefficients that has the given roots. 3-2i, 3+2i Should I just make it [x- (3-2i)][x + (3-2i)] then multiply it out and there's my answer? angela, thanks for your help how did you get the 56.80 from my problem. I've tried so ma...

I am in this class. I found it best to start with one group and finish all the questions. For instance talk about the Mexican American's, about linguistic (which is language), political, religous. Type each one of those in, and you should be fine. I will provide what I hav...

logic riddle
please figure out WHAT THE AUTHOR DID... A SIN OF OMISSION around midnight, a sly looking man slips into a luxury city building. a woman occupant, watching his actions from a fourth-floor window, grows suspicious and dials 911 for a patrol car. This lady complains, "A man...

8 m.

8 m

Protein denaturations are usually irreversible but may be reversible under a narrow range of conditions. At pH 2.0, at temperatures ranging from about 40 degrees celcius to 50 degrees celcius, there is an equilibrium between the active form P and the deactivated form D of the ...

The equilibrium constant K for the hydrolysis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and phosphate is 1.66X10^5 at 37 degrees celcius, and Standard Delta H is -20.1 kJ/mol. Calculate Standard Delta S for the hydrolysis at 37 degrees celcius. On the assu...

Physical Chemistry
When the reaction glucose-1-phosphate (aq) --> glucose-6-phosphate (aq) is at equilibrium at 25.0 degrees celcius, the amount of glucose-6-phosphate present is 95% of the total. A.) Calculate the Standard Delta G at 25.0 degrees celcius. B.) Calculate Delta G for the reacti...

Physical Chemistry
At 25.0 degree celcius, the equilibrium 2 NOBr (gas) --> 2 NO (gas) + BR2 (gas) is rapidly established. When 1.10 g of NOBr is placed in a 1.0 L vessel at 25.0 degree celcius, the equilibrium pressure is 0.355 bar. Calculate the equilibrium constant K. (Partial pressure P =...

Physical Chemistry Help!
I am posting a link to the jpeg file of the physical chemistry homework i need help with, because everytime I try typing it out, I just get wierd symbols. If somebody could please help, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks~ =) img.photobucket. com/ albums/v219/AzNxB3Ba/ph...

Physical Chemistry
At 25.0o C, the equilibrium 2 NOBr(g) ¡ê 2 NO(g) + Br2(g) is rapidly established. When 1.10 g of NOBr is placed in a 1.0 L vessel at 25.0o C, the equilibrium pressure is 0.355 bar. Calculate the equilibrium constant K. ( P¥è = 1 bar ) Angela. Read your p...

how can i get better at piano without a teacher? It's the same answer as the New Yorker responded to this question: "How do I get to Carnegie Hall?" The answer: "Practice, practice, practice."

how can I stay but still eat junk food????? You can stay healthy by eating mostly healthy foods and much smaller amounts of junk food. That depends upon how much junk fund you want to eat. In general, however, eating junk food and staying slim (I suppose that is the word omitt...

how can a drop of rain in Denver become a flake of snow in Montana. Rain, and water vapor, freeze in temperatures below 0C. True

cultural diversity
Do you own homework

I feel you guys on week 2. I'm still trying to answer to week 2.I look at Chapter 2 p.34 nothing. Is this some kind of joke.

i have the same homework problem the one about if its taxable and the aftertax yields and if you actually look in your e-books all the answers are there its in different chapters if you look at the housing chapter for the condo and taxes for it too along with ch 6 its all ther...

if a bar of copper is brought near a magnet, the copper bar will be? A)attracted by the magnet. B)unaffected by the magnet. C)repelled by the magnet. D)made into an induced magnet. B)unaffected by the magnet. Actually there is a very slight repulsn due to diamagnetism (C), but...

What bias conditions must be present for the normal operation of a transistor amplifier? A)the emitter base junction must be reverse biased, and the collector base junction must be forward biased. B)the emitter base junction must be forward biased, and the collector base junct...

The grid in a high-vacuum triode is usually kept negatively charged with respect to the cathode so that the electrons may be? A)accelerated toward the anode. B)accelerated toward the cathode. C)attracted to the anode instead of the grid. D)attracted to the cathode instead of t...

the magnitude of the voltage induced in a conductor moving through a stationary magnetic field depends on the ------- and the------- of the conductor. A)lenght, speed. B)distance, circumference. C)resistance, current. D)color, capacitance. length and are cutting li...

the function of a capacitor in an electric circuit is to? A)allow current flow between its plates. B)measure the amount of current in the circuit. C)increase circuit power. D) store electric charges. A and D are both correct, if you include in "current flow" the conc...

to use your left hand to determine the direction of the voltage developed in a moving conductor in a stationary magnetic field, you must point your? A) thumb in the direction of the magnetic flux. B)thumb in the direction of the electromagnetic force. C)forefinger in the direc...

including a full wave rectifier in an AC circuit will yield a ----- current. A)intermittent direct. B)intermittent alternating. C)continuous direct. D)continuous alternating. Full wave recitifer will reverse the negative waves, making the output voltage waveform like continous...

if an electrically uncharged body is contacted by an electrically charged body,the uncharged body will? A)develop the opposite charge as the charged body. B)remain na neutrally charged body. C)develop the same charge as the charged body. D)neutralize the charged body. The answ...

if an electrically uncharged body is contacted by an electrically charged body,the uncharged body will? A)develop the opposite charge as the charged body. B)remain na neutrally charged body. C)develop the same charge as the charged body. D)neutralize the charged body. c

when an electric current flows through a long conductor, each free electron moves? A)from one end of the conductor to the other end. B)with a speed of 300,000,000 m/s. C)back and forth between the ends of the conductor. D)through a relatively short distance. The individual ele...

suppose that you're facing a straight current carrying conductor, and the current is following toward you.the lines of magnetic force at any point in the magnetic field will act in? A)the same direction as the current. B)a clockwise direction. C)the direction opposite to t...

when an electron is displaced in a semiconductor, the hole that's left behind is? A)attracted to the negative terminal of the voltage source. B)incapable of carrying a charge. C)attracted to the anode of the voltage source. D)considered an impurity in the crystal. The elec...

what cools the air in a household refrigerator? what cools the air in a household refrigerator? Inside the refrigerator, the evaporator absorbs heat and cools the inside. Outside, room air cools the condensor coils that are bring heat from the inside of the refrigerator.

in a gasoline engine the area in the cylinder head where the air and fuel mixture is burned is called the? What is the combustion chamber?

the main purpose of the turbine in the turbojet engine is to? The turbine rotates the compressor, compressing the inlet air. Often, electrical generators and hydraulic pumps are attached to the turbine via gears also. drive the compresser

My son has to do a project on monocots and dicots, which I know are plants but he has to have 4 examples of each and place them on a poster board tell about them, etc. and to do a rubric about this project. I am having trouble finding what they are and the examples since he le...

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