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6th grade Math

Why are standard KMnO4 solutions are seldom used for the titrations of solutions containing HCl? 2. Why are standard solutions of reductants less often for titrations than standard solutions of oxidants? 3. When a solution of KMnO4 was left standing in a buret for 3 hours, a ...

Why are KMnO4 filtered before they are standardized?

Clothing & Textile
Disposal of fullness

Chem HELP!!!!!!!
sorry i posted it under my friends name

Chem HELP!!!!!!!
To 0.350L of 0.150M NH3 is added 0.150L of 0.100M MgCl2. How many grams of (NH4)2So4 should be present to prevent precipitation of Mg(0H)2(s)?

Algebra 2

medical terminology/biochemistry

Computer equipment was acquired at the beginning of the year at a cost of $56,000 that has an estimated residual value of $3,000 and an estimated useful life of 5 years. Determine the 2nd year’s depreciation using straight-line depreciation

Making a fist Poem by: Naomi Shihab Nye
someone told me this had to do with religion, but i don't see how...

The table shows the relationship between a, the area of a rectangle, and h, its height, when the base remains constant H = 2, 5, 7, 12 A = 8 , 20, 28 48 Which equation represents the relationship between h and a a = h + 6 a = 3h + 2 a = 4h a = 2h + 4 Please explain answer ...

Social Studies
What are the major geographical features of the united states

What does it mean when the accumulated deficit on a balance sheet is a (loss)?

how would you explain how to do Inequalities? With negative numbers, and how to add and subtract ex: a+7<10+? how would that be solved .

Computer Applications
An Excel workbook can contain more than one workshet. Give two examples of a spreadsheet application where it would be necessary to have more than one worksheet and explain your answer. Please help. I am lost when it comes to excel!!

If the air temperature is the same as the temperature of your skin (about 30 degrees Celcius), your body cannot get rid of heat by transferring it to the air. In that case, it gets rid of the heat by evaporating water (sweat). During bicycling, a typical 71.0 kg person’s ...

Ms Mary really liked the carpet she brought for her bedroom and she would like to buy the same carpet for her large library. the floor of her library is similar to the floor of her 9-foot-by-12-foot bedroom. The scale factor from the bedroom to the library is 2.5. How much ...

1). 3x + 7 = 9 2). -3(x + 5) + 3 = 12 Can you also please show the work so that I may have a better understanding.

If you purchase a zero coupon bond today for 225 and it matures at 1000 in 11 years, what rate of return will you earn on that bond? Please show formula and answer

How do you determine the value of a 1,000 bond with a 7 percent coupon rate maturing in 20 tears for an investor whose required rate of return is 8 percent? Please show formula and result

How are bonds safer than stocks

Why do so many invest in bonds that are below investment grade?

Describe the relationship between the coupon rate and the required rate that will result in a bond selling at a premium?

Describe the relationship between the coupon rate and the required rate that will result in a bond selling at face value?

Describe the relationship between the coupon rate and the required rate that will result in a bond selling at a discount?

The Mutual Assurance and Life Company is offering an insurance policy under either of the following two terms: a. Make a series of 12 payments of 1,200 at the beginning of each of the next 12 years (the first payment being made today) b. Make a single lump-sum payment today of...

Can someone help me edit this, please? Todo que me acuerdo de esta semana es que estaba enferma. Estoy enferma, en realidad. Cuando estoy enferma, me comporto como soy la primera persona que tiene la gripe. Me comporto como este tiempo es la primer tiempo que alguien tiene la ...


put 0.8 over 1 0.8/1 then multiply 0.8/1 by 10/10 0.8/ x 10/10 =8/10

11th grade physics
No just because a person is moving fast doens't mean they are accelerating. If they are speeding up more and more than they are accelerating but if they are going at a constant speed then no.

AP Chemistry
Titanium metal can be produced from the reduction of titanium(4) chloride with magnesium metal to form solid titanium and magnesium chloride:write the balance equation for the reaction.

What makes a job different from a career.

Home Economics
what is difference between a job and a career

Home Economics
List ten careers in Home Economics

Issue Sources Health/Environmental Effects Carbon dioxide (CO2) Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) Ground-level ozone (O3) Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) I need to complete the table above and have no idea what to do. Choose one of the following atmospheric issues: air pollution, global ...

using differences to identify patterns 7;22;43;70;103; 2,36,81,144,2

Explain the diferent between expositorty nonfiction and narrative nonfiction?

Managerial Economics
I would like to make a arc elasticity chart. We have a team project and would like to add in a arc elasticity demand to the paper.


Name one internal and three extrnal ways that you could recruit for the job in your final project. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each recruiting method for this job?

HRM 240
Provide a example of a large company of necessary changes resulting from growning technology demands.

HRM 240
Human Resource Management

HRM 240
This did not help me!

HRM 240
How can large and small firms utilize change management concepts to meet growing technology demands?

Looking for a good website to find storyboards on medical drama or documentary. For powerpoint presentation. HELP

HCA 220
What is the processes of muscle movement

What is the most significant similarities between Chinese American and Japanese American( cultural) experiences? What are the differences?

a first order reaction has a rate constant of 7.5 x 10^-3/s. The time required for th reaction to be 60% complete is

A certain first-order reaction A--->B is 25% complete in 42 min at 25 degrees C. What is the rate constant?

Redox Titration questions!
Thank you! Oh, question 4 is fine, I just accidentally copied it with the rest of the questions- it's repeated in this assignment too. Okay, I'll try and get this!

Redox Titration questions!
Oh goodness, I'm such a pain! I need some help with these! How do I calculate the percentage? How do I start it? 2. Imagine that you ran a similar titration using a different iron sample with 0.02 M KMnO4 as the titrant. Calculate the percent of iron in the sample if the ...

Chemistry Titration Lab HELP!
Okay, finished some Chem quizes, and now here's number 3, with DrBob222's directions (hope I did this right: Titration using 50mL of HBr acid with 37.7mL of 0.57 M NaOH base. Home many M NaOH base in titration (mol= M * L) 0.57 * 0.0377 L= 0.21489mol NaOH base. ...

Chemistry Titration Lab HELP!
Okay, for number 1 and number 2, they were both for an experiment that was online, sorry for the confusion- I think I'll be fine answering it! If anything, I'll ask about it with specific detail- thank you guys!

Chemistry Titration Lab HELP!
Oh, thanks SO much DrBob222! I'm going to go step by step the way you dictated it! I'm going to try and work it out right now!

Chemistry Titration Lab HELP!
Oh, PERFECT! Thanks you so much! I'll check the 7th one right now!

Chemistry Titration Lab HELP!
Hi everyone! I just got a new lab that I MUST complete today, and it's about titration- I have absolutely no clue how to do it, it just doesn't make sense to me! I hope that someone can help explain to me how to do it so I can finish ASAP!! Thanks a lot, -Angel Lab--...

je m'arrete means i stop myself j'arrete means i stop or i am stopping

Does anyone know of a good site with information about chinese forget-me-nots also known as cynoglossum amabile?

CHEM LAB!!! Must finish!!!
Thanks to DrBob222 for the help, but it only answered a few questions! PLEASE help answer, anyone? This is a chemistry lab on boiling point, and I need some help with these questions!- Thanks! (Info): You are going to take a trip. On this trip you will be stopping at different...

Chemistry test HELP!
THANK YOU! You are great!!!

Chemistry test HELP!
Oops! Choices: insoluble, immiscible, soluble, unsaturated, saturated ,supersaturated, osmosis, reverse osmosis, semi-permeable membrane, non-volatile, boiling point, freezing point, capillary tubes, atmosphere, volatile, solvent, condensation, evaporation, higher, lower

Chemistry test HELP!
A/an _____ solution is able to dissolve more solute. Choices: insoluble immiscible soluble unsaturated saturated supersaturated osmosis reverse osmosis semi-permeable membrane non-volatile boiling point freezing point capillary tubes atmosphere volatile solvent condensation ...

On question 4b- what would the boiling point be, I can't figure it out? I'm not sure how to answer it!

Thanks for the help!!! Any other answers would be much appreciated- THANK YOU SO MUCH! The lab is much easer to understand now!

This is a chemistry lab on boiling point, and I need some help with these questions!- Thanks! (Info): You are going to take a trip. On this trip you will be stopping at different sites with varying altitudes. At each site you will compare the change in pressure and boiling ...

Decimal fractions
i need help............... explaning decimals

I need to find out the connection between chromosomes and schizophrenia for a paper

environmental science
The amount of water needed daily by plants for photosynthesis, cell growth, and cell maintenance is very small, and yet plants require large volumes of water in order to live. It is estimated that over 90 percent of the water absorbed by plants is lost into the air. Most of ...

environmental science
The amount of water needed daily by plants for photosynthesis, cell growth, and cell maintenance is very small, and yet plants require large volumes of water in order to live. It is estimated that over 90 percent of the water absorbed by plants is lost into the air. Most of ...

(1) It is an article of faith among some economists that the significant inventions of the contemporary world are the results of the innovative genius of big business organizations. (2) Yet in the United States, the current trend toward corporate mergers has been accompanied ...

Critical Thinking
Thanks, you're a gem!!

her brother said he wanted his palm red

how would i work this out sari has 7/12 yards of material does she have more or less than 8 yards of cloths?

how do you find the area of irregular figures

what is the electron geometry of F^2, HF ?

like dissolves like. polar solvent dissolves polar substances and non polar solvent dissolves non polar substances.

Of the following, _______ is a correct statment of Boyle's law.

For me, or shall I say my book the CA= EX-IM, which you also wrote balance of trade. I know that perfect economy is when the supply equals demand. But I can't see why a surplus for a country is bad!! More money means that the country can save more and therefore invest more...

is a large current account surplus ever a negative situation for a country?

how to draw the structure of (AlHAtCl_2)^-

Physical Science
A microwave oven has a power requirement of 1248 W. A frozen dinner requires 4.1 min to heat on full power. How much electrical energy (in kWh) is used?

In What role does Galileo play in for the theories of geocentric and heliocentric?

What is the difference between NNP(national net product) and GNP (Gross national product)?? For me it seems the same!!!

the label detective novel is an example of

social studies
how did the cotton gin affect production?

How does science work together to forecast hurricanes ?

1.Explain how scientists work together to forecast hurricanes? 2.What damage can occur from a storm surge? 3. where does a tropical strom get its energy? 4. Which statment BEST describes a hurricane? A.Its wind are at least 119km per hour OR B. It forms within a thunderstrom

Explain what subatomic particles mke up an atom and how are they arranged

Explain what subatomic particles mke up an atom and how are they arranged

Word Problem
W= 336/4=84ft where did you get the 4 you divided by?

Word Problem
A developer wants to enclose a retangular grassy lot that borders a city street for parking. If the developer has 336 feet of fencing and does not fence the side along the street, what is the largest area that can be enclosed. I went back and worked the problem again to make ...

Word Problem
I have a couple of questions. Could you please check one of them and help me with one? 1. You have a 256 feet of fencing to enclose a retangular region. Find the demensions of the rectangle that maximize the enclosed area? This is what I did: a=xy 2x+2y=236 I subtacted 2x from...

i need to know about criteria in evaluating a subject. the essay is 1400 words long, and i have to use criteria to evaluate the subject, then within that, judge each criterion. is the criterion the facts about the topic, or is it who, when, what...?

Doing the same problem, and i don't either

Thanks so much for posting these questions!! I was stuck on number 15 too. Then i found this site and it helped so much.

Rewrite the equation 4x – 6y = –30 as a function of x. Subtract 4x from both sides of the equation. Then divide both sides by -6. You should end up with an equation for y, as a function of x.

The data in table below gives marks for an exam of a particular tutors students in 2005 and 2006. Year students marks on the exam 2005 75 86 91 65 83 75 88 90 66 99 2006 60 78 75 98 79 90 80 88 81 90 from the following choose two options which are true about the table above. a...

math 3rd grade
what is an arrary ? look for the answer in the back of your math book...there may be a glossary An array is a table of numbers. can you help me with my math homework on internet

45.98 mg

I need to find the gratest possible error for each of the following measurments. 45.98mg 12 1/4 in. 54.4cm

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